Luna, Terra coin crash… The Securities Crimes Team, who revived Han Dong-hoon, is in charge.

Luna, Tera coin crash… The securities crime team that revived Dong-Hoon Han will take charge (Photo-Capture from Yahoo Finance)

Investors who suffered losses from the Luna-Terracoin crash have sued Terraform Labs CEO Kwon Do-hyung and Timon CEO Shin Hyun-seong with the prosecution.

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office announced on the 20th that it had allocated the case related to the Luna-Tera crash to the Joint Financial and Securities Crime Investigation Team. It has become the ‘first case’ of the Hap Sudan, which was re-launched under the direction of the new Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon.

Investors said, “The act of designing and issuing Luna Terra and attracting investors while not properly reporting design errors and flaws in the algorithm, or the act of expanding the issuance of Luna Coins indefinitely, unlike those notified through white papers, is deceptive. pertains to,” he asserted.

He also said, “The establishment of the ‘Anchor Protocol’ to attract new investors and attracting tens of trillions of won in investment while guaranteeing an unsustainable 19.4% annual interest rate is a similar act of receiving.” Finally, he added, “The case is complicated and there are many legal issues, and the amount of damage is astronomical,” he added.

Five victims participated in this complaint and accusation, and the total amount of damage was found to be 1.4 billion won. One of them is said to have suffered damage worth 5 billion won.

Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon also mentioned the establishment of the Hap Sudan on the 17th and emphasized that “the situation of economic crimes that resonate with the common people should be urgently checked and dealt with promptly.”

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