Luo Tianyi’s 11th Birthday Celebration: A Kaleidoscope of Memories and New Beginnings

Luo Tianyi’s 11th Birthday Celebration Ends With a Spectacular Performance

On July 12, at 8:00 pm, virtual singer Luo Tianyi’s 11th birthday party came to a close with a mesmerizing performance of her popular encore song “Pure Blue”. More than 200,000 viewers on B station witnessed and blessed this charming event.

The birthday party, themed “Kaleidoscope”, showcased Luo Tianyi’s versatility through eleven unique songs, such as “Twenty-Three”, “White Bird Crossing the River Beach”, and “From Vanaheim”. The ever-changing visuals of the performance provided a delightful trip down memory lane for fans. Over the past eleven years, Luo Tianyi has built a versatile repertoire, displaying numerous creative styles. Through the kaleidoscope named “Tianyi”, the creator’s emotions, thoughts, and ideas of various hues are refracted and displayed in a mirror-like fashion.

New Project Announcement: “Study Tour Season”

During the birthday celebration, Luo Tianyi also announced her upcoming project, “Study Tour Season”, which aims to “preserve historical voices using modern technology and evoke human emotions with virtual hearts”. In this ambitious venture, she will embark on a journey to the west, intertwining her unique singing voice with vibrant youth movements.

The new soundtrack tour will symbolize Luo Tianyi’s progress beyond her 11th birthday, delving into an exciting future.

Online and Offline Activities in Honor of Luo Tianyi’s 11th Birthday

Since June, fans have enthusiastically participated in celebrating Luo Tianyi’s 11th birthday by submitting various creations. This tradition has become an integral part of her birthdays, representing the love and blessings of her fans while serving as an inspiration and documentation of her creative journey.

In addition to releasing birthday costumes, figures, and peripherals on platforms like B station and QQ music, Luo Tianyi’s team has handpicked four exceptional fan creations from a thematic contest. These works, along with the official birthday song “Moon” and “Hua Wu”, have been compiled into Luo Tianyi’s 11th birthday EP, available for free across all music channels.

Luo Tianyi × Lawson, a themed store collaboration, has also been established. The store, featuring a special design, offers limited-edition gift boxes and peripherals that cater to the needs and expectations of fans. It has furthermore garnered attention from the general public in a down-to-earth manner. On Luo Tianyi’s birthday, fans nationwide have spontaneously organized support activities, including offline gatherings, group viewings of the birthday party, and collective singing and dancing.

Embarking on a New Journey

During this year’s birthday party, Luo Tianyi made an exciting announcement of her new project, “Study Tour Season”. The project will document her journey through captivating songs, depicting her love for freedom and life through music.

After eleven years of hard work, Luo Tianyi continues to radiate boundless vitality and creativity. Standing at the threshold of this new journey, Luo Tianyi, akin to a “kaleidoscope”, is certain to emit an even brighter brilliance!

At 20 o’clock on July 12, with the charming singing of the encore song “Pure Blue”, virtual singer Luo Tianyi’s 11th birthday party slowly ended with the blessings of more than 200,000 viewers at B station.

This “Kaleidoscope” themed birthday party showcased the virtual idol Luo Tian through eleven songs with different characteristics and styles, including “Twenty-Three”, “White Bird Crossing the River Beach”, and ” From Vanaheim”. – changing images also presented a wonderful feast full of memories for fans. In the eleven years since his birth, works with different creative characteristics have built the thousand-faced style of Luo Tianyi. Through the kaleidoscope named “Tianyi”, the creator’s emotions, thoughts and thoughts of various colors are are refracted and displayed in the mirror.

At this birthday party, Luo Tianyi also announced the new project “Study Tour Season” which will be launched soon, “using modern voices to save the voices of history, and using virtual hearts to echo human emotions”. In this project, Luo Tianyi will travel all the way to the west, singing a colorful youth movement with his unique singing voice.

In the new soundtrack tour, virtual singer Luo Tianyi starts from her 11th birthday and goes further into the future.

  Multiple online and offline activitiesCelebrating Luo Tianyi’s 11th birthday

As early as June this year, Luo Tianyi’s 11th birthday celebration kicked off with a collection of birthday creations. This is also an essential part of Luo Tianyi’s birthdays over the years. It not only carries the hearts and blessings of fans, but also serves as a bridge to inspire and record creation. Together, we have gone through a long journey in hand

In addition to launching birthday costumes, selling birthday figures and birthday peripherals on B station and QQ music platform, this year Luo Tianyi’s team will also select and feature four fan works from the fan creations of the theme creation contest, which similar to the official birthday song “Moon” “Hua Wu” together, as Luo Tianyi’s 11th birthday EP, released for free on all stage music channels.

In the offline celebration, a theme store of Luo Tianyi × Lawson was added. With a special theme design for the whole store, the limited edition gift boxes and peripherals were co-branded, multi-connection multi-regional, focuses mainly on the needs of the fans to check and support expectations, It also attracts the attention of ordinary people in a more grounded form. On Luo Tianyi’s birthday, fans from all over the country spontaneously organized support activities, sharing the joy of celebrating Luo Tianyi’s birthday with each other through offline gatherings, group watching birthday parties , sing and dance together, etc.

  New content starts a new journey

At this year’s birthday party, Luo Tianyi officially announced a new project “Study Tour Season”. The journey will be recorded with songs, and the love for freedom and life will be described with music.

After eleven years of hard work, Luo Tianyi will continue to maintain vigorous vitality and creativity. Standing at the starting point of the new journey, Luo Tianyi, shining like a “kaleidoscope”, will surely manifest an even brighter brilliance!

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