‘Luxury actor’ Song Gi-yun ‘My Way’ premieres ‘Beautiful Wife’

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[이데일리 스타in 김은구 기자] ‘Luxury actor’ Song Ki-yoon will reveal his beautiful wife along with his recent situation on Chosun TV’s ‘Star Documentary My Way’.

‘Star Documentary My Way’ will air the episode of actor Song Ki-yoon on the 27th. Song Ki-yoon, who made his debut by passing the MBC talent recruitment test in 1976, gained great popularity by appearing in popular dramas such as ‘TV Son Tzu’s Law of War’, ‘Daughter’s Rich House’, and ‘Even the Wind Blows’ ‘. ‘. At the time, he overtook sports stars to be listed as ‘the man I want to marry’ and was also active as a ‘CF star’ in the 80s and 90s. Since then, she has played the role of licorice in various dramas and received a lot of love from the public.

Nevertheless, the drama ‘Woman’s Secret’ was the last time I missed seeing her at work. When the gap was getting longer, in 2022, Song Ki-yoon was the first celebrity to challenge a county governor in Jeungpyeong, North Chungcheong Province. The story behind her challenge to the army will be revealed.

Song Ki-yoon’s ‘Beautiful Wife’ will also be released for the first time on air. Unlike Song Ki-yoon, who fell in love with his wife at first sight, the wife tells conflicting stories about their first meeting, saying, “My husband’s first impression was just a ‘fat man’. ” A love story of a couple who overcame a crisis with love while having a difficult time together due to a sudden car accident of a wife in the past, as well as a pink date scene where they are still holding hands as newlyweds are taken.

Afterwards, a lovely meeting is held with actors Kim Chang-sook and Dokgo Young-jae, who are Song Ki-yoon’s best friends in the entertainment industry. Kim Chang-suk, who has built a relationship with Song Ki-yoon three times in the drama, said, “(Now) I hate married couples. Apart from frying and frying, there are romances that you can (do) even when you are older. It’s a comic melodrama that I can love this way (I want to try it).” Song Ki-yoon showed his strong friendship with Dokgo Young-jae, whom he met after a long time, saying, “I can understand what you’re talking about just by looking at your eyes.”

‘Star Documentary My Way’ is broadcast every Sunday at 7:50pm.

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