Luxury car girls beg for clues! Hunt for the owner of the car, wearing their license plate, rich 9999

The owner of a Porsche luxury car call for clues After being registered, Rich 9999, with an auction price of up to 18 million, used by a car that wears It is a luxury car brand as well. which preliminary has already been notified

Today (29 May) the page “Somson Ung” posted a request for cooperation. after their luxury car was taken by someone to wear the registration plate by posting that
“Please share. Sister Som’s car, a porsche taycan in the picture, white-black registration plate, rich 9999, wearing a fake registration plate. The owner of the license plate is actually wearing a gray porsche cayman as in the picture and in the registration book.

If anyone sees this taycan on the road, please take a photo and send it to me as evidence in the prosecution. Now, P’ Som, the owner, has filed a daily record report for falsifying official documents and in case the owner of a fake registration vehicle takes the car into an illegal act.

Someone reported that a fake registration car was in Bang Bon area. Prinsiri Bangbon Village If anyone sees any disturbances, please let me know. Thank you very much.”

Keb found that the Department of Land Transport (KDB) used to hold a license plate auction on April 7, 2022, and the highlighted number plate was “Rich 9999” with 33 interested bidders. The initial bid was 1.5 million baht, the bid was made 424 times, the auction ended at a price of 18,560,000 baht.

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