“Luxury Real Estate Kaboré” by Charles Kaboré comes out of anonymity!

Burkinabe footballer Charles Kaboré presented his company Immobilier de luxe Kaboré responsible for buying, selling, renting and managing real estate. The presentation was made on Tuesday March 21, 2023 in Ouagadougou. The agency is located in the Ouaga 2000 district of Ouagadougou.

This is the story of a young boy from the city of Bobo-Dioulasso who dreamed of playing football. This dream that he nurtured, Charles Kaboré realized by playing in the Burkina Faso national team, then in the biggest stadiums in Africa and Europe as captain. Today, the young man is nearing the end of his football career. So he now turns to other goals.

Through this company, Charles Kaboré wants to promote professionalism.

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Become a real estate entrepreneur. This is how Charles Kaboré launched his company since 2017 “Luxury estate Kabore“. The captain of the Stallions presented his real estate management company on Tuesday March 21, 2023 to a group of Burkinabe sports journalists at the agency’s headquarters located in the Ouaga 2000 district. After his first passion, the young boy, now 35 years old has another passion which is real estate.

With the Stallions as a footballer, Charles Kaboré was vice-champion of Africa in 2013 and bronze medalist at CAN 2017. By launching his new business, Charles Kaboré now wants the gold medal in the field of construction.

A love story

« It’s an idea that started in real estate because I really like construction. I had a few houses, after I wanted to take over the management myself and I created the company in 2017. As I was more focused on football, I let time pass.

Now I am ready to take on the management of the business and continue to build the projects that I undertake in the real estate, whether in tiles, houses, rental, sale, purchase and in the management “, explained Charles Kaboré, member of Niort in France.

Charles Kaboré has already embarked on the reconversion.

The captain of the Stallions wants to come out of anonymity after five years of existence and become a real estate champion in Burkina Faso and Africa: « it is important. We have a good follow-up and it is a continuity. With all the houses I have managed, I have enough experience. That’s why I decided to formalize so as not to remain anonymous ».

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Immobilier de luxe Kaboré is a real estate rental, sale, management and purchase company. As a footballer, Charles Kaboré knows the demands of professionalism. Because, it was the quality, the condition for a successful football career. After five years of experience in the construction industry, Charles Kaboré promises to do things right.

« We are always working to progress. There are many houses that we manage, we manage them well (…) We try to persevere in work and professionalism. (…) I taught myself. What I offer is through the experiences I have had “, always details Charles Kaboré.

By inaugurating Immobilier de luxe Kaboré, Charles Kaboré is aware that his football career is coming to an end. He no longer has his 25-year-old legs, the age at which he led the Stallions, as captain in his first African Cup final. Tomorrow is being prepared today. Charles Kaboré is therefore preparing for his retraining.

« What we could do at 21, 22… today, it’s the retraining that I’m preparing. I am well aware of what I am going through. I am happy to have brought to my country. I still hope to bring through this project “, wished Charles Kaboré. For him, young people must always dare also in the field of entrepreneurship.

After the footballer Charles Kaboré, we would now speak of the entrepreneur Charles Kaboré!


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