Lydia encountered drama, she dropped a bomb for Claudeen after announcing that Ploy Chermarn was single.

But there is drama going on in this work. When someone commented on Lydia’s post saying, “A post like this is equivalent to dropping a bomb on the other side. And the other party has no right to edit the news because it doesn’t like to go to the media. “If it’s not true He probably wouldn’t have the courage to come out and say it, girl.” But there were people who also criticized Lydia, saying she shouldn’t have come out and posted like this .If it’s true, it’s better to let the person speak for himself, for example, if it’s true. Wouldn’t it be better to let you speak for yourself, girl, have you? And posting like this is tantamount to throwing dirt at the kid, really, it shouldn’t be.Where did you go first?