Lyme disease bill would change over chronic condition

Lyme disease bill would change over chronic condition

  • Brett Sholtis

In Enola. T When he and his family bought the 10-acre property more than 20 years ago. T

“But, yes, we'd talk about it,” Flake said.

Ke expected. Lyme disease.

“I dont know if I got it here”. From paintball games to hikes, time and time.

He never got a bulls-eye rash, and he doesn't think coming down with the flu-like symptoms that sometimes accompany Lyme.

Rather, Flake found out he had it the hard way. He was a sales salesman in Texas when he got a pounding headache.

"Hey, no, looking, good, good," hey. They're feeling terrible. '

Lyme complications of late-stage Lyme.

The doctor's quick response was cured. “Late-stage Lyme encephalopathy.”

Some of the symptoms were terrifying, Flake said.

“For me it was dementia-type symptoms. It has been to a hundred times. ”

It took years to be cured, but the 53-year-old he felt great. More than $ 50,000 of his own money to get better.

Flake, the cofounder of a company that makes physical therapy. Would be out of reach.

Push for House Bill 629 t

Go to be sick after getting treatment? Some people need antibiotics? A chronic Lyme disease is a term for people who should be using?

That depends on who you ask.

Brett Sholtis / Transforming Health

Anson Flake stands in his backyard in Enola, Pennsylvania.

At the nonprofit American Lyme Disease Foundation, executive director Philip Baker said “chronic Lyme Disease,” as some people lose it, doesn't exist.

Antibiotics will help.

"They'll say, well, I'm convinced", "the retired infectious" . t “It's like a cult, in a way.”

Baker noted that three National Institutes of Health t Results, results or no benefit to prolonged antibiotic therapy.

At advocay group, CEO Lorraine Johnson three studies aren’t enough.

“They said,” Johnson said. “But that has been done in Lyme disease.”

Johnson 's. T Because recent research says undiagnosed May 10 times more commonplace than once. T

House Bill 629 has not stalled.

This year could be different, Flake said. Other states such as Rhode Island, Virginia and Maryland have similar similar bills. Lyme bill in the senate. T

Flake hopes to see this page

“Just trust the health care practitioner.

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