Lyme disease conference held in Bridgewater

Lyme disease conference held in Bridgewater

As the number of reported cases of Lyme disease on the South Shore of New Scotland increases, the public are also concerned.

That's why hundreds of residents and medical professionals gathered in Bridgebridge this weekend for the Bridgewater Lyme Disease Conference.

“When you look at the infected area map, this province is becoming more infected,” says Yvonne Mosley from the Lunenburg Lyme Association.

Yvonne Mosley, organizer of the conference, organized an awareness advocate on Lyme diseases after her husband diagnosed the disease and died two years ago.

“Having tested his tissue, they found Lyme's disease in every organ in his body, so I'm saying,” said Mosley.

In the Marxist Times, it is the black-leg tick that can carry Lyme's disease, which means that the effects of disinfection are left untreated.

As the first case of Lyme disease was reported in the province in 2002, the number of people has increased. In 2017, Nova Scotia reported approximately 300 confirmed cases, and almost all cases were likely.

“Watch out for signs and signs, look for signs like flu, educate yourself about the symptoms and symptoms,” says Dr.

The region's Health Medical Officer states that the medical community must continue to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

“We must continue to understand the disease and its ongoing symptoms,” said Dr Cram. “It is a complex illness that goes beyond human health and we need to look at the wider environmental impacts.”

“There's so much information we don't always know,” says Donna Lugar from N.S. Lyme disease support group.

Lugar was trying to diagnose her Lyme disease eight years ago. Her many signs included problems with her vision, listening and memory.

She says that it was vital, including doctors and other medical professionals in this conference, that it would come across the normal understandings of the disease.

“People tell differently that they have different signs,” says Lugar. “I know that there is one young person in the 20s, but he went right to their hearts, and went away. So we need to be aware that these different types of productions take place. ”

For organizers, the two-day conference is a step towards the possibility that he may be suffering from the disease.

“I think, and I hope, that we have a door open to share information,” says Yvonne Mosley.

This is the first year that the Lyme Disease Conference has been held, and the organizers say they expect, based on the level of interest, to continue to raise awareness of Lyme disease.


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