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M.33 injecting Astra tightly after closing some centers

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20 August 2021 – 15:20

M.33 injected tight Astra after closing some centers

The atmosphere of the Covid-19 vaccination center at SC Plaza, Sai Tai Mai, which is one of the vaccination points in Bangkok area. Can accommodate 1,500 injections per day, which is the vaccination point for the insured according to Section 33 of the Social Security This service point will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with people having to pre-register through the social security system. Then the system will send an appointment notification to the insured in advance via SMS to the mobile phone. In order for the insured to know and come to receive the vaccination by using the original ID card to verify their identity and vaccination

In which the atmosphere at this point has people gradually traveled continuously since the past morning. Because this service point receives vaccinations for people who are in the social security system, including 3 social security areas. After some vaccinations were previously closed, making this one of the centers of many districts. make the atmosphere dense

with staff to facilitate and explain public relations channels and forms of vaccination admissions of people traveling The service point arrangement model is in accordance with public health measures in social distancing. check body temperature To prevent the spread of COVID-19

However, the building is quite well ventilated and has a wide area that makes social distancing easy. Along with having a waiting area as a step to prevent congestion.

However, the people who traveled are very cooperative and most of them wear double-layer masks and carry alcohol gel to wash their hands. This is considered a strict self-care during the COVID-19 epidemic.

In this regard, people are asked to check the location of the vaccination point. Because some service points are closed and vaccination points are included.

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