M Bussarakam opens a clear comparison picture. Solve the doubts of the netizens Which part did the parents-doctor give?

photo from @emmeemm

funny daughter M. Busarakham Wongkhamlao Who used to be bully’s face even after plastic surgery is still talked about. Recently, M posted a picture comparing her childhood and present. along with answering questions from fans Regarding the surgery, is there any part that hasn’t been done and has been done? she said

Hello, today I will come to answer.

I have chosen the lucky winner and would like to use this picture to compare the face of my parents to come with the face of a doctor.

1. What part of the face do you want to perform surgery on M?
A: I am satisfied with every part of my face that I have done. I don’t want to do anything more. But in the future, M will have a problem with ptosis like her father. If I want to fix it, I want to do it. for those who answer I don’t want to do it anymore / make me look right for both of them 🥰

2.Which part of the face that M doesn’t want to do, add, add and decorate?
A: Mouth, because a small, thin mouth is very unique to M. and having a father’s son Because this is another point on the face that my father gave me and is the most like my father.

3.Which part of M’s face is said to have had plastic surgery the most!!
Answer: Chin!! The chin is where M does nothing, 100% natural, but is greeted the most and gets scolded by strawberries when she says she doesn’t do it 😂😂 because it’s not just a pointed chin. But M’s chin has a lump like injecting filler or going to do a lot. If you look at the picture, you can see that Khoi’s chin has long been a pair of sandals from time immemorial.

Congratulations to the person who answered correctly.

Glad to see people joining in the overwhelming fun ❤️
Some people are very thorough and attentive.

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