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“M” pointed out the observation point with update symptoms “Nong Clock” after infection with RSV virus

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What will happen will have to happen, “M Budsarakam”, the most pity of the child, update the symptoms of “Nong Watch” after being infected with the RSV virus, it is revealed sooner or later. If you touch a friend who is With pointing points to observe symptoms

After it was revealed that the eldest daughter “Nong Clock” Infected with the popular virus RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) a few days ago. “M.Busarakam Wongkhamlao” Has come out to update the symptoms of the younger watch again

(Read news: “M.Busarakam” reveals “Nong Watch” is infected with popular RSV)

By the date of November 30 the past. “M.Busarakam” Has posted a picture of the watch while lying on the bed on Instagram along with the message saying …

“The toe did not heal The RSV was inserted …. I had a snot and I just had a fever now.

For RSV, mom asked me how her symptoms are: 1. Hoarseness because of phlegm 2. Lots of sputum 3. Trying to remove the sputum by coughing but vomiting instead.

Cheerful, eating normal rice, no fever, but wondering and taking you to check because you have been in contact with friends who are RSV… whether it’s late or fast, it must be And no matter how you prevent it, it is extremely difficult. We believe that what will happen will have to happen.

During this very severe epidemic The room was almost nonexistent. She waited almost 3 hours before she could get a room, now she is seeped and she has penetrated the salt hose Because of having a fever and eating less rice

We stopped by today and when she returned, Madam cried. I want to go with Ma, I want to go home. Pity. #Gmplustwo #dekyingnarika #narikaxnavera #Clock at the time ”

Which after posting the image with the said message With fans Came to send encouragement to both Mother M and Nong Watch overwhelmingly, including “Um Lakkhana” Look“Benz Pornchita” Who understand the hearts of people with young children also come in and encourage the two mother and son as well

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Thank you picture from Instagram: emmeemm

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