“M Topsarakam” has changed her nose in several serials. because I was greeted by a storyteller

When is it time to actually do that?

“Take him with you, send him, let’s see what happens. Give him some peace of mind.”

The reason for getting a nose job The fortune said he would receive the property. Have you received it yet?

“I got it, it’s very shocking. buy lottery In the evening, checking, we got 3 digits, 5 face numbers, 20,000. And not just luck. About work, it is better. The work started coming in. Met a lot of people got more contacts.”

We are happy with our faces. But some people follow Bully?

“The early part of M’s rehabilitation will be a non-M only period. Everyone when having an operation or an operation I feel that period is the most sensitive. There will be small words, but they will make us feel bad. But Em himself already understands the truth of human beings. When the operation comes, he has to recover. The face is swollen, the face is green, and the face is bruised. People will say that they are not beautiful at all, like aliens. He shouldn’t have made a new one, the old one is prettier. Whatever M’s nose thinks thinks, this is my nose Em thinks this nose fits my face, that’s my nose.

“Not just with M. Be it online, talking face to face, gossiping behind your back. Including how many words, these prejudices make the listener I feel bad when I hear The speaker does not remember what he said. but how many years have passed since the listeners still remember And remember, never forget. But Em has relatively high immunity. because Em has been there since childhood So I didn’t get hurt too much.”

I saw that there was one conversation that angered us, Bullied us 2 years?

“Actually 3-4 years too. Starting with the funny and laughing child. What I don’t know is that his insults are strange and there are other Lao faces, Isaan faces. not beautiful at all Before making a face , you should do your brain first, stick to your famous father, show away, and then block him. He disappears, then he came back, make a new IG, create a new Facebook, but the same curse.

Which comment annoys you the most?

“Now M is no longer there. But if you touch the ball M Father M is a big deal. A comment, probably on YouTube, says that your father is not funny at all. Damn, we are so angry. Why does he have to come to our father? This one, Em will be going to fight with as well. It will be a little intellectual. because the father asked for it And now we have no trouble. The tuition fee for the child has arrived. Let’s meet.”

M Topaz changed its nose for several series.  because I was greeted by a storyteller

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