“M39” is big! Live concert around the gala “Som Pla Noi” “Mum-Tono-Toey-Um” to send the most joyful joy to welcome the new year.

Lots of fun to end the year with great bangs Quality film camp “M Three Nine” (M39) by Mr. Nok Panchalee Nithijirarot, Managing Director & Executive Producer of M39 joins hands with “Bung Fai Film” by Mam Petchratai Wongkhamlao to open the round Gala, a good mood film of the year “Som Pla Noi” in the form of a live concert in the cinema, full of light, color, and sound at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin

which is under the measures to prevent covid-19 strictly by the cast Both the protagonist and the good singer “Tono” Pakin Kamwilaisak, “Kru Toey” Apiwat Boon-Anek, along with the heroine “Aum” Issaya Hosuwan and the director Mam Jokmok Khankham. The special comes tight. with more surprises This event is also spreading happiness throughout the country through the Major Group’s Facebook page that broadcasts the live atmosphere. to watch throughout the event

Opening the stage, it’s hilarious. “Hug Chao until death” before passing the stick to Kru Toey with the song “Rotten Egg”, a sad mood soundtrack The skill of composing the lyrics and melody from Kru Toey Convey the feelings of the fish that Kru Toey showed in this story. But then the stage was on fire!!


When Tony invaded and fought Kru Toey duel mic in song “Love should have two people” made a huge surprise. Which this version says that makes me goosebumps Then to the director’s queue, Mum and the Gang, Dui Dui Jokmok, Saisin Wongkhamlao, continuing the lively song “Return Why” with a full-fledged musical instrument. Continuing the fun from the concert With fun from the movie, MC “Hoi” Kiattisak Udomnak takes a deep dive behind the scenes, talking with Mom, Tono, Kru Toey, Aum, along with co-director “Jud” Bordikon Lohachala, who comes to reveal their beauty. including the hilarious behind the scenes, not losing the front ever


The special at the end is followed by another big set, Teacher Toey, with a hit song that fascinates fans. “If Ai Na Mai” continues with the scorching song “I JUST WANNA PEN FAN YOU DAI BOR?”, where Kru Toey asks to show his dominant style, begging the heroine, Aum, but then a love triangle scene arises. There was a heartbroken in the middle of the stage. When Tony sees a heartbreaking sight So I took the most bruised song “People” come to cut off. but not reiterating


When it’s not clear, it’s just a normal person! and indispensable “If you don’t love, tell me” fun rhythmic soundtrack with cute dance moves At this event, the actors jumped onto the stage to join the fun. Ending the premiere concert with a lot of fun The young protagonist, Tono, is the representative of the movie. I want everyone to receive smiles and happiness from us. I hope it will be a good present in the new year.”

Finally, the impression of the actors, directors, executives and distinguished guests posing for a photo together on stage, led by Mr. Nok Panchalee Nithijirarot, Managing Director & Executive Producer of M39, Khun Apichart Kongchai, Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Cinema Business Department, Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited, Mr. Wichai Kulthawatchai, Marketing Director of Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited, Mr. Pongsatorn Uamongkolchai Executive Vice President, Thai Yamaha Motor Company Limited and Mr. Panupon Kittikhamron, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Thai Yamaha Motor Company Limited

“Som Pla Noi” also has good-humoured actors, such as Fon Thanasoonthorn, Pornsak Songsaeng, Sunari Ratchasima, Kaimook Rungrat, etc. Directed by Por Saiha, Mum Jokmok and Bordeekon Lohachala. Come join us to celebrate the new year. Hand in hand with friends, brothers and sisters and loved ones. Enjoy the fun with “Som Pla Noi”, released on 30 December in cinemas across the country.



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