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Ma Guoming said that after marriage, she will transfer the financial power to Tang Luowen. (taken from Ming Pao)

(Hong Kong, 19th) Ma Guoming will marry his fiancee Tang Luowen (Jing Tang) before the end of the year. It turns out that the two also have three episodes in the works. After marriage, they will tighten standards for passionate filming scenes together. You can kiss your face and forehead instead. “I was filming “Baby Is Bigger Than Heaven” with Xiangxiang (Cen Lixiang) before. Before filming, she said she didn’t really want to kiss because her husband didn’t like her very much.”

He also pointed out that he and Liang Tang have a common understanding that after marriage, his wife will take good care of her body and have a baby, so he does not want her to stay up late to film dramas and start working, and it will also give him financial power, taking only pocket money every month. Speaking about the fact that he has not cooperated with Tang Luowen since the “Psychological Pursuit” series, Ma Guoming said that he would never mind collaborating again, “I’m afraid she thought, she said how can I do a series with me now , because I’m afraid I can’t help laughing.”

If you have a good script, you don’t mind doing three stalls

Ma Guoming’s incarnation of a handsome man in the TVB drama “The Invisible Team” is impressive. He generously admitted that the role is Chen Zhanpeng’s second booth, and said, “If the script is good, I don’t mind if I take the third booth.” He pointed out that Chen Zhanpeng’s cameo role as a villain is a very important and special role. I think it is also very fresh for Chen Zhanpeng. The two had acted in the series “The Truth”, and they had the chance to cooperate again after 12 years. Ma Guoming said that he still felt very excited.

Ma Guoming said that Tang Luowen and Tang Luowen have three episodes in the works, and will avoid filming too close scenes in the future. (taken from the Internet)
Ma Guoming and Tang Luowen have called each other husband and wife before they are officially married. (taken from Ming Pao)
Although there is a 13-year age difference between Tang Luowen and Ma Guoming, their love is still unstoppable. (taken from IG)
Ma Guoming (second from right) generously admitted that he was Chen Zhanpeng’s (first from left) second booth in “Invisible Team”. (taken from the Internet)
Ma Guoming (left) turned into a handsome man in “The Invisible Team”, which made the audience shine. (still image)

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