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Ma Long withdraws from the National Games table tennis men’s singles competition and focuses on doubles team events

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Original title: Malone withdrew from the National Games table tennis men’s singles competition, focusing on doubles team events

Malone withdrew from the men’s singles at the National Games.

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On September 12, Beijing time, according to the “Beijing Daily” report, Ma Long, who has won the Olympic Games again, will withdraw from the singles competition in the National Games and focus on the men’s team and men’s doubles.

Zhang Lei, the head coach of the Beijing team, said: “After returning from isolation, Ma Long actively engaged in recovery and preparations for the National Games, but the entire time was too short.Taking into account that the next National Games will have a strong schedule with three events of team, doubles and singles. After comprehensive discussions between our coaching staff, medical insurance team and Malone, Malone will focus on the men’s team and men’s doubles in this game. .

At the Tokyo Olympics that ended in August, the 32-year-old Ma Long defended his singles and team doubles, becoming another Olympic “Five Champions” in China’s sports world.

In an interview after the game, Ma Long said:“I think I can still play, I can persist, and I can work harder to compete with young players. This is the mental strength I need most when I go down.”

But just after the Olympic schedule + 21 days of isolation, there is too little time left for Ma Long to prepare for the National Games, so Ma Long gave up the National Games single men’s competition and focused on the men’s team and men’s doubles.

But even if Malone did not represent the Beijing team in the men’s singles, the team is still strong. New and old national players such as Wang Chuqin, Xu Chenhao, Yan’an and Zeng Beixun are all in the team. Among them, 21-year-old Wang Chuqin is the most optimistic. During the Tokyo Olympics cycle, Wang Chuqin beat Lin Gaoyuan, Liang Jingkun and other players to get Olympic P cards, becoming one of the key players of the national team preparing for the Paris Olympics.

It is worth mentioning that in the last National Games, Wang Chuqin, who was only 17 years old, lost to Malone in the men’s singles semifinals and finally won the third place, while Malone defeated Fan Zhendong in the final to win the championship. At the same time, the men’s singles championship at the 2013 National Games was also won by Malone.

This also means that this year’s National Games Ma Long will not be able to create a record of three consecutive National Games men’s singles.Return to Sohu to see more


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