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Ma Win, Fan Bingbing, Feng Shun… ‘Anyone who is photographed in China disappears’ | yunhap news

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Repeated pattern of re-appearance in public after loss of contact and rumors of disappearance… jail run

Feng Shui

[AFP 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Hong Kong = Yonhap News) Correspondent Yoon Go-eun = Ma Yun, Fan Bingbing (范氷氷), Zhao Wei (趙薇), Feng Shunyi (彭帥)… .

What they have in common is that they are China’s top stars and celebrities, but at the same time, they were caught by the authorities and were caught up in rumors of disappearance or had such experiences.

The disappearance of Chinese tennis star Feng Xunyi (36) triggered the disappearance of Chinese celebrities again.

On the night of the 2nd night, Peng said on his Weibo account that he had maintained an inappropriate relationship with Zhang Gaori (75, 張高麗), a former deputy prime minister of China, after he retired in 2018, including a statement that he had sexually assaulted him for a long time by force. I posted a long article.

However, the article disappeared after about 20 minutes, and no articles related to the two were found on Chinese social media.

Since then, his whereabouts are unknown, and the world tennis world as well as the White House in the United States have expressed concerns about his safety.

Then on the morning of the 21st, a video was released claiming that Feng had appeared at the opening ceremony of the youth tennis tournament final in Beijing on the morning of the 21st.

In the video, Shun Peng smiled brightly and waved his hand toward the audience.

A Twitter video from the editor of the Global Times stating that Shun Feng attended a tennis tournament on Sunday.
A Twitter video from the editor of the Global Times stating that Shun Feng attended a tennis tournament on Sunday.

[중국 환구시보 후시진 편집인 트위터 캡처. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

It has been 19 days since the devastating revelation that he had been sexually assaulted by a high-ranking official in China.

The editor of the Chinese state-run media did not mention Peng’s ‘Me Too’ at all while posting a video of Shun Feng on Twitter.

As the rumor of Peng’s disappearance spread, the editor tweeted the day before, “For the past few days, Peng has been living freely at home and doesn’t want to be disturbed.” However, he did not mention a word about his #MeToo revelations.

Ma’s visit to the Dutch Agricultural Technology Research Institute last month.

[홍콩 사우스차이나모닝포스트 캡처. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

Prior to that, Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba, China’s largest online shopping mall, suddenly disappeared after criticizing the government’s policies in public in October last year.

He, who had previously been active both at home and abroad, disappeared from public view overnight, raising rumors of his disappearance and even death.

Ma Yun appeared through a video speech only three months after that, and again, four months later, he was caught visiting Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou.

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities have applied all-round pressure on Alibaba Group.

Since last September, there have been reports that Ma has been spotted inspecting agricultural facilities, and at the end of last month, he crossed over to Europe via Hong Kong to inspect local agricultural facilities, along with a photo of the Hong Kong South China Morning Post (Hong Kong South China Morning Post). SCMP).

SCMP is owned by Alibaba.

Through the SCMP report, the suspicion of Ma Win’s departure ban was dispelled, and at the same time, it became known to the world that he is now focusing on the agricultural field emphasized by the Chinese authorities.

It is the first time in a year since the ‘Sulwha’ incident that Ma has left abroad.

Actor Fan Bingbing
Actor Fan Bingbing

[EPA 연합뉴스 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

Popular actor Fan Bingbing disappeared after the tax evasion scandal caused by a double contract in 2018. Even Cui Yongyuan (崔永元), a former China Central Television talk show host who exposed his tax evasion, was embroiled in disappearance rumors.

Fan Bingbing was subjected to an undisclosed investigation by the Chinese tax authorities after the disclosure of tax evasion, and was fined 880 million yuan (about 150 billion won) in taxes and fines.

Although Fan Bingbing’s reflection statement was released three months after the tax evasion scandal, it was only eight months after the scandal that he appeared in public again.

Zhao Wei and Ma Yun (from left)
Zhao Wei and Ma Yun (from left)

[대만 이티투데이 캡처. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

At the end of August, several Chinese video sites suddenly blocked searches for Zhao Wei’s work, which is widely known in Korea for his drama ‘The Emperor’s Daughter’ and the movie ‘Red Cliff Wars’.

At the time, officials at the video site said they received a temporary notice to delete Zhao Wei’s work, but did not know the exact reason.

Since then, there have been rumors of Zhao Wei’s disappearance and escaping from France.

Taiwanese media reported that Zhaowei arrived on a chartered plane at Bordeaux Airport, a famous wine region in southern France, on August 27, spreading rapidly on social media Weibo.

Zhaowei was caught hiding the fact that he attempted to acquire a listed company with borrowings in 2018 and was banned from participating in the management of a listed company for five years by the authorities, and is known as a significant asset.

In 2014, he invested in Alibaba Pictures, an affiliate of Alibaba, and made hundreds of billions of won in valuation gains.

Officials are no exception.

In 2018, Meng Hongwei (孟宏偉), the first Chinese head of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), disappeared in France, where Interpol is headquartered. Meng Hongwei was sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison by a court in early 2020.

Human rights activists and dissidents, as well as people from all walks of life, including chaebols, entertainers, and bureaucrats, have disappeared without proper judicial procedures. has been raised

After the video of Feng was released on the 21st, a spokesperson for the Women’s Professional Tennis Association (WTA) said that the video did not dispel the association’s concerns about Feng, Reuters reported.

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