Mac Pro Announced With M2 Ultra Chip, PCIe Support For Full Apple Silicon Era

Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chip that was officially unveiled at WWDC23 looks like the same cheesy design. But inside it supports PCIe expansion slots to increase the efficiency of working with Apple Silicon chips to achieve unprecedented performance.

Marking the end of an era for Intel’s Mac, officially entering the era of Apple Silicon, the Mac Pro delivers game-changing performance from the M2 Ultra chip, along with the versatility of PCIe expansion slots that improve flows intensive work. Pro level to the next level

While Intel-based Mac Pro models started with an 8-core CPU, which can be configured higher, today every Mac Pro has Apple’s most powerful 24-core CPU with a 76-core GPU. store.

The new Mac Pro can also be configured with a staggering 192GB of memory and 800GB/so of memory bandwidth, which exceeds workstation-class graphics cards. The most advanced version goes so far.

And now every Mac Pro has the performance of not just 1, but 7 Afterburner cards built into it. It also features the same industry-leading media engine as Mac Studio with the M2Ultra chip. Play 22 simultaneous streams of 8K ProRes video like never before.

The Mac Pro M2Ultra chip brings a PCIe expansion slot to Apple silicon for pros who need the performance of an Apple Silicon chip and still need the internal expansion slot for their workflow. It has 7 PCIe expansion lanes, 6 of which are open, and supports 2X faster Gen 4.

Users can customize their Mac Pro with the cards they need to run. From audio pros that require Digital Signal Processing (DSP) cards to video pros that require Serial Digital Interface (SDI) cards to connect to professional cameras and monitors. From users who need more network connectivity and storage, the Mac Pro gives professionals the opportunity to customize and expand their systems to push the boundaries of heavy workloads.

The connectivity versatility of Mac Pro is even better when it doubles the number of Thunderbolt 4 ports to eight, with 6 at the back and 2 at the front, making Mac Pro compatible today. Up to six XDR Displays, plus Wi -Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 , the new Mac Pro provides fast wireless connectivity. Mac Pro also has three USB-A ports, a flat HDMI port Two higher bandwidth ports supporting resolutions up to 8K and frame rates up to 240Hz , two 10Gb Ethernet ports, and a headphone jack that can be used with high impedance headphones.

New Mac Pro Price and Availability M2 Ultra Chip

  • The new Mac Pro is available to order soon at and in the Apple Store app
  • Mac Pro is available in tower and rack mount configurations starting at (for tower configurations) at 249,900 baht and the price to promote education starts at 235,600 baht while the Mac Pro (rack-mounted body) starts at 269,900 baht and the price to promote education starts at 251,900 baht Technical information and customization options can also be found at
  • For more information on Studio Displays, Pro Display XDR and the Magic accessory family, visit:
  • Every customer who buys a Mac from Apple can join a free Personal Online Session with an Apple Expert, receive product setup services at multiple stores, and get access to all Apple products. Includes data transfer support. and advice on changing your new Mac to perform the way you want it to.
  • AppleCare+ for Mac offers additional technical support and hardware coverage from Apple, including unlimited accidental damage coverage. Each time there is a service fee.


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