Macau 888 Progress after police questioned Dew Arisara, who is preparing to return to Thailand in March, Benz Damon report

Macau 888 Progress after the police questioned Dew Arisara, who is preparing to return to Thailand in March, to report Benz Damon about an attack. Get ready to ask for more arrest warrants, brothers and sisters, 4 baht.

The Maj Gen revealed. Wiwat Khamchamnan, Deputy Police Commissioner for Investigating Technology Crimes or Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police after traveling to question Ms Arisara Thongbosut or Dew as evidence. After the person who exposed the online gambling website Macau 888 in Taiwan on February 14, the past

By questioning Dew Arisara, it is considered useful in the investigation and it is in line with some of the investigation guidelines that the police already have. Dew Arisara said that she knows about the online gambling website of Mr Chaiwat Khachonbunthavorn or Benz Damon during the relationship, which was Dew said that Benz has been doing business for more than 10 years by starting a small business. and expanding into a business in the family of B’s ​​siblings. Then, when getting more income it expanded to open as a company and additional entertainment venues

Dew Arisa is also preparing to return to Thailand in mid-March. And he will report to investigators at Thonglor Police Station with a solicitor In the case of Mr Benz Causing bodily harm

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Embassy further stated that Dew Arisara’s testimony was considered a good citizen who provided information to the police. It was confirmed that no information was found to link the crime to Mr Benz in any way. After questioning those involved After that, there will be a meeting with the investigation team at 2:00 pm to consider extending the results to other people involved.

In addition, prepare to consider the evidence. Various connections that will be able to ask the court to issue an arrest warrant for any additional persons Especially in the group of brothers and sisters, the company found a clear connection. but still in the process of gathering evidence

when inquiring Police Lieutenant Kunakorn Kajonbunthavorn or Captain Bright in the past, although it is still refused But if they are found to be involved after this, they will have to prosecute. Like Mr Big and Mr Boss who are still abroad, the captured Mr Benz is still refusing. But the police are confident in the evidence that they can prosecute the accused.

As regards the accused in this case, the police have asked the court to issue arrest warrants for 55 people involved, of whom the police have arrested 8 main accused, and some of the horse counting groups arrested. And after this, it is believed that more arrest warrants can be issued for the suspects.

While Pol Lt Gen. Worawat Wat Nakorn Bancha, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, called a meeting of police inspectors. who have been appointed to hold positions under the Royal Thai Embassy in order to fulfill work policies by emphasizing working with honesty As cybercrime is increasing day by day. And the commander’s policy is to speed up the resolution of the people’s problems. The Royal Thai Police has measures to inspect police work at inspector level. to the commander If there is a malfunction, there are guidelines for administrative punishment.

Regarding the case where there is a news flow that the police are involved in receiving benefits from online gambling websites, Lieutenant Gen. Worawat admits that there is only a small amount. But he has to prove that gambling sites are broken.