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Macau Grand Prix|Ouyang Ruoxi unhindered in the first round due to oil leak from the car in front

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Ouyang Ruoxi won the second place in the Macau GT Cup qualifying yesterday afternoon. Today, he drove the Pingzhi AMG GT3 in the front row. Although he failed to catch up with the Chinese driver Ye Hongli in the first round, he kept chasing the opponent. Halfway through the 8th lap, a tank malfunctioned and stopped in front of the Lisboa Bay, but the safety car was not dispatched. After Ye Hongli passed the accident, Ouyang Ruoxi lost control and hit the wall, causing the tank to be severely damaged. The match would immediately show the red flag to cut the race, Ouyang Ruoxi was not in serious trouble, stepped out of the chariot and returned to the pit, and finally won the first round runner-up according to the ranking before the accident.

The 12th round of the second round will be separated at 1:10 tomorrow. The Craft Bamboo Racing team will speed up the maintenance, otherwise Ouyang Ruoxi will not be able to compete for the bid, but according to team sources, it is estimated that the car can be repaired before the start of the race. Ouyang Ruoxi will start the second round according to the results of the first round tomorrow afternoon. He smiled bitterly and said: “I have never tried to win second place like this. I started well with my opponents in this battle, but the ground is too awkward. I will try my best to save. The car won’t help.” He thanked the team for their help, hoping to compete on the podium in time for tomorrow.

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