Machine guns misfiring during training with Gangwon Army GP… notify the North

No casualties… All the bullets fell south of the military demarcation line.

Army GP (PG)

[제작 정연주] photo collage, illustration

(Chuncheon = Yonhap News) Reporter Yang Ji-woong = During a training exercise at an army forward unit in Gangwon-do, a machine gun was accidentally fired and the North was informed of this.

According to an Army unit on the 29th, four live bullets were fired from a machine gun at around 6:27 pm the day before during training at a guard post (GP) on the central and eastern front of Gangwon.

All of the bombs were confirmed to have fallen south of the Military Line (MDL).

There was no shooting plan for the exercise, and it was investigated that there was no damage to human life or equipment.

The unit immediately broadcast to the North several times that the shooting was not intentional, and took measures such as strengthening preparedness.

An officer from the unit said, “There are no signs of anything unusual from the north side yet, and we are investigating the exact circumstances.”

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