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“Macron’s contacts are also included in the spyware ‘Pegasus’ hacking list”

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picture explanationFrench President Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron’s cell phone may have been hacked with spyware ‘Pegasus’.

The daily Le Monde reported on the 20th (local time) that the phone number of one of the two iPhones used by President Macron was on a list of contacts believed to be maintained by Moroccan intelligence.

President Macron’s contacts appear regularly on the list of alleged hacks using Pegasus by Moroccan authorities from 2017 until recently. 2017 was the year Macron was elected.

However, Le Monde added that it is impossible to determine whether Macron’s cell phone was infected with spyware and was actually hacked until the device was examined.

Not only President Macron, but also former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, the first Prime Minister of the Macron government, and 14 ministers at the time were also identified in the list.

The French presidential office, the Elysee Palace, was unaware of the fact and did not wish to make a separate statement.

Pegasus is malicious software used to illegally collect personal information and was developed by Israeli private security firm NSO Group.

The NSO said it did not have access to the Pegasus customer’s data, but said Macron had never been under the control of a Pegasus customer.

Earlier, 16 media outlets around the world, including Le Monde, the Washington Post (WP) in the United States, and the Guardian in the United Kingdom, raised suspicions that governments of each country used Pegasus to hack the cell phones of activists and journalists who took the lead in criticizing the government.

Morocco, a former colony of France that gained independence in 1956, is suspected of using Pegasus to peek into the cell phones of reporters belonging to French media outlets.

French investigative media outlet Mediapar sued a journalist who had been monitored by the Moroccan government with a Pegasus, and French prosecutors launched an investigation.

The Moroccan government denies the allegations.


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