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Recently, Digiarty Software, a well-known overseas WinXDVD development company, launched a limited-time free download and matching promotion for the 2022 Apple season. If you often need to transfer files between iPhone, iPad and computer, you can’t miss this special program promoting the latest version of MacX MediaTrans, not only 20% off the Super discount price, plus buy one get four Mac utilities, including MacBooster, DoYourClone for Mac, Sticky Password, 5KPlayer, you want to transfer photos, music, music or data to and from your computer at high speed.

MacX MediaTrans almighty iOS multimedia file manager

MacX MediaTrans is a tool that can assist iOS users in managing multimedia files and backups. It can transfer photos, videos, music, ringtones, e-books and manage iOS files between iPhone, iPad and computer. It is simple and convenient to operate, then MacX MediaTrans The main features are as follows:

  • Completely or selectively sync iOS data between iPhone iPad and Mac computer without any data loss.
  • Backup iOS device photos super fast, and transfer 100 4K photos in 8 seconds.
  • Easily delete / create / edit music playlists. Make iPhone ringtones. It can also automatically convert music to AAC or MP3 format.
  • Automatically convert MKV, FLV, WMV and other videos to iOS compatible formats. Convert HEIC photos to JPG format.
  • Compress large volume videos to half the original size, and convert videos to iPhone/iPad losslessly.
  • Decrypt and export purchased iTunes music, videos, audiobooks to Mac.
  • Password protect personal photos and videos to keep private data safe from security breaches.
  • Fully supports the latest devices iPhone 14 and iOS 16 systems.

In fact, MacX MediaTrans still has a daily limit of 500 people to receive a free MacX MediaTrans V7.6 registration code, not only can you get the registration code for a free trial, but also have the opportunity to get other useful Mac tools.

It is suggested that you can get MacX MediaTrans V7.6 registration code through the link below.

MacX MediaTrans V7.6 registered version free download

Below is a brief introduction to several highlights of MacX MediaTrans:

Data transfer, format conversion, MediaTrans can help you at one time

As we all know, the system of Apple devices is relatively closed, so the formats supported by the device are also relatively limited. If you happen to need to transfer some videos and music, but Apple devices do not support these file formats, then you may need to fix the format conversion problem before transferring files. And if you use MediaTrans, you won’t have such troubles at all.

Data transfer, format conversion, MediaTrans can help you at one time

MediaTrans has a built-in format conversion program, which can automatically convert video and photo formats to formats supported by the device when transferring files, such as converting MOV format video to MP4, HEIC format to JPG, etc., so that you will not no longer need to worry about format compatibility issues.

Transfer at the speed of light, automatic file size compression

I believe that almost all iPhone users store a large number of photos or videos on their phones. When they want to backup these important photos, the most annoying thing may be how to deal with these photos quickly and well.

MacX MediaTrans can help you solve this problem easily. The fastest transfer rate can reach 100 4K photos in 8 seconds. In addition, video files also occupy a considerable amount of storage space on the phone. Therefore, MediaTans automatically compresses the file size for you when transferring videos, and keeps the image quality of the original movie perfectly. The compression rate can reach more than 50%, which allows you to save half of the storage space.

One click to make iPhone ringtones easily

If there are many music files in MP3/OGG/WMA format in your computer, you can import them to iPhone via MediaTrans for easy listening at any time. Even if the audio format is not supported by the iPhone, MediaTrans Even if the music format is not supported by the iPhone, MediaTans will help you convert the file format to the file format supported by the iPhone. Select the music file you want to execute, and click the button[Sync]to import / export with one click. And if there is new music that needs to be transferred during the operation, just refresh the management interface to synchronize the updated file information without reconnecting the device.

One click to make iPhone ringtones easily

At the same time, you can also customize your favorite ringtones for your iPhone through the MediaTrans ringtone maker function. Supports ringtone clips up to 40 seconds long. You can drag the selection marker according to your own needs, select the desired music clip, and then click the button[Sync].

Support data encryption and turning into a USB flash drive

Today, when data security is increasingly important, MediaTrans also supports the transfer of encrypted documents, using AES 265 and other encryption technologies to ensure the security of encrypted files and ensure data security. After selecting the document to be encrypted, follow the interface prompts and set a password to encrypt the document into a document format that cannot be opened. At the same time, if you want to decrypt, you can restore it through the decryption function in the this software. However, when encrypting the document, you need to keep the password you set correctly, otherwise the document will not be retrieved.

Support data encryption and turning into a USB flash drive

In addition, MediaTrans also supports turning an iPhone into a USB flash drive to store files in various formats, such as word, excel, and PDF. Either way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring a USB hard drive when you go out, leaving important data behind.

MacXDVD 2022 Apple Limited Time Special Offer, Buy One Get Four Free

MacX Media Trans can be considered an easy-to-use multimedia data management tool that can replace iTunes It is difficult to get a 20% discount directly. You can start with less than NT$1,000 from the original price of NT$5,000, and it upgrades free for life.

MacXDVD 2022 Apple Limited Time Special Offer, Buy One Get Four Free

This event is a limited time discount on the latest version of V7.7 MacX MediaTrans. After purchase, you can not only upgrade the latest version for free for life, but also provide free technical support services. In addition, this event will also give away four additional useful software (Mac optimization, backup software and 4K playback), including MacBooster, DoYourClone for Mac, Sticky Password and 5KPlayer, which is equivalent to spending NT$1,000. Mac Tools, if you feel that it is not easy to use after using it, there is also a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Apple MacXDVD 2022 Limited Time Special Offer, Buy 1 Get 4 Free 2

Overall, MacX Media Trans is an efficient yet easy-to-use data management software. If you have not tried this software, you can also take it for free with your fingers, allowing you to manage iOS data to save time and effort.

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