Madam Pang led the Port Authority FC team to beat Rayong FC to help the people of Rayong continue to support the Thai national team.

At 6:00 pm on January 25 at Rayong Provincial Stadium, Muang Rayong District, Rayong Province, reporters reported that Rayong FC Club suspended a special friendly match with Port Authority FC Club leading the army. The players came from Nang Nuanphan Lamsam or “Madam Pang”, the president of the club. And the manager of the Thai national football team is in the program “Friendly Match One Special Awakening the Spirit as One”, which was organized to encourage football fans to join in cheering on more players on the field. And this is the force for young people to turn to football. Be a professional footballer in the future too As well as friendly football matches There are also small concerts by famous artists to watch too. before the competition “Madam Pang” spoke to football fans in Rayong province with Mr Piya Pitutecha, President of Rayong Provincial Administrative Organization, and Mr Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health, as honorary president of Rayong FC Club. Supporters of both teams and Madam Pang also gave Port Authority shirts to the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Chief Minister of the Rayong Administrative Organization.

Madam Pang said she was very close to the Deputy Minister of Health. Who is considered a lovely younger brother who has known each other for over 20 years and the father is familiar with his father Deputy Minister of Public Health and President of the Rayong Provincial Administrative Organization for a long time as well. When invited to bring the players of the Port Authority Club to come to a friendly competition agreed immediately However, thanks to the Rayong fan club. Warm welcome FC However, on behalf of the manager of the Thai national football team I have to ask the Thai national team to be in my arms. The heart of the Rayong people too. Cheering and cheering forever And would like to encourage the Rayong FC team to raise the level of play to move up to the top league in the country as soon as possible. At least this season we are asking for a play-off spot. to gain the next level

Rachan Kongthong, reporter for Rayong Province

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