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When Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture from his private jet en route to Saudi Arabia, fans couldn’t help but notice the shiny diamond watch on his wrist. The watch in question is the latest addition to the Jacob & Co collection, it says Avaz.

The watch gets its name from the green gemstones that cover almost all of its surfaces. The watch’s striking hue was chosen as an ode to Saudi Arabia, the country Ronaldo moved to earlier this month after signing with Al Nassr Football Club. The watch’s creators could have easily used emeralds to achieve its green color, but instead opted for Tsavorites, which are cheaper but about 200 times rarer.

Some 388 high-quality, baguette-cut Tsavorites were used to cover the 47mm watch, which is crafted from 18K white gold.

Emerald watch. Instagram

The large number of Tsavorites may seem a little excessive, but they give the watch a striking all-green look that is hard to forget. The only part of the watch that isn’t covered in stones is the strap, but even that is made of green alligator leather.

If you’re looking for something green to wear on your wrist, you’re out of luck. The Caviar Flying Tourbillon “Tsavorite” is worth $780,000 and was made just for the greatest soccer goal scorer of all time.

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