Madison tree trucks spread salt on all of the streets as another winter storm goes on to the local Weather area

Madison officials made the "unprecedented" decision to spread salt on each city on Monday Monday with a breakdown of ice surface still in many roads before another winter storm.

The effort was to make the ice melting enough to give enough towers to the new trees to feel the new new snow modes expected to fall on Monday and Tuesday off roads.

City officials made the decision to spend all streets with salt after previous attempts using a small amount of salt mixed with sand to make the ice out of the last week's ice storm, said Superintendent of Streets, Charlie Romines.

"It was the hope that salt within the sand would put the ice, but that did not happen," he said. "The unrestricted decision was made on all streets in Madison after it had been shown that the sand salt mixture (and) had not previously circulated on residential streets by breaking the ice layer on the roads."

Officials said Monday was probably the first time that all Madison streets were salted since the city's policy was on the cultivated roads in the 1970's to reduce the significant amount of sodium and chloride, both salt ingredients, in Madison and freshwater area lakes.

This policy calls for salt to be installed in the city's 32 "salt way", including highways, bus routes and streets near hospitals and clinics, but without using sands on residential streets, if necessary.

Salt salts should be spread at a rate of 200 pounds per mile in residential neighborhoods and 300 pounds per mile on the main salt routes. Madison has approximately 800 miles.

But Romines said that the operation will not be the case.

"Every street is a unique decision to avoid in response to specific weather conditions," he said. "The Streets Division will not face every street in Madison in response to the normal winter conditions."

Up 8 inches

Madison's fatigue operation came to an end when Wisconsin's other snow storm crashed.

Mid Wisconsin could catch up to snow, with up to 8 inches in Madison through Tuesday morning, according to the National Weather Service. The rain could freeze to mix with the morning morning snow.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for most of the state, including County Dane, from 9 p.m. Monday to midnight on Tuesday.

Winding speeds may be up to 15 mph through Tuesday night, with wings of up to 30 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

Romines said the city will give 34 tree truck overnight to trees and salt main routes when the storm hit. Two extra sands spread on hills, circuits and crossways.

It is hoped that the slippery roads will be on Tuesday morning, he said.

"Allow enough commuter time to reach your destinations safely," said Romines. "Allow enough stopping distance and behind the vehicles. Also, as with all winter storms, slowly, patients, and road alerts."

Emergencies notice

The storm has already emerged on some area municipalities to declare snow emergency Monday afternoon.

Middleton town, Marshall village, Stoughton and Sun Prairie confirmed snow emergencies Monday before the storm. Madison did not call snow emergency like early Monday afternoon.

Romines said that the Street Division will monitor the situation. The regular refusal of Tuesday is scheduled to follow and recycle normally.

Streets Section also said Monday that the storm will be likely to come across the city, although the time is not determined.

For more information on peak operations in Madison and snow emergency situations in the city: Go to

The state Assembly also plans to continue a legislative floor session on Tuesday, Mr Major Major Jim Steineke, R-Kaukauna said.

He said that the legislators concerned should come about the weather conditions of traveling to Madison on a daily basis.


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