Madman Link’s unique plot! “Tears of the Kingdom” hit the four main areas without a parachute, and then go back to the surveillance post to scare Puerya | 4 Gamers

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” ( Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ) is as full of details of many plot dialogue changes as its predecessor “Breath of the Wild”, even more, because players have recently discovered. Completing a dialogue with Purya requires considerable skill.

In the game, Link will come to Hyrule after finishing the initial empty island story. Generally, he will go to the lookout post first to meet Purya, and then get a parachute, and then start inspect the watchtowers in the four regions. Task.

However, after all, “Tears of the Kingdom” is a true open world. Players can skip the watch post and go directly to the four main areas to go through the temple and BOSS, and then come back to the watch post to meet Purya At this time, Purya will trigger a different conversation another.

That’s right, when Link found that the four main mutation fields had been removed by Link, the frightened Puerya would reply in surprise: “What? You mean…the four fields have be investigated!? Liar Bar?”

This brief dialogue change seems to highlight the details of this work, but the amazing thing is that it is unthinkable for Link to break through the temples in the four regions without a parachute.(How did Templ y Gwynt live?)because if you fall from a high place, you will die, and the parachute can be said to be the core equipment of the series.

In addition to the creative strength of the player’s own ultimate hand, what is even more powerful is the details of game development by the Nintendo team. It seems that they have considered even the things that such crazy players would does them, which is why Puerya’s dialogue has changed.

[TotK] If you complete all four regions without getting the paraglider, Purah has a special dialogue.
by u/SicSicSic in zelda

For players who love RPGs, the details of game design is the place that can best show the intentions of the development team. The same is true of the previous game “Breath of the Wild” The details of the plot dialogue are also on work, such as whether Link has a master The sword, the clothes worn and the progress of the story are different, which will lead to differences in the details of the dialogue. What is even more commendable is that he can Nintendo team do this.

Allowing players to enjoy the freedom of creating games, and taking into account the possible strategy behaviors of players as much as possible to make detailed changes, may be the key elements that make “Tears of the Kingdom” and “Breath of the Wild” truly. perfect masterpieces.


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