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October 3, 2023 05:18 am

In a thrilling development for fans of action films, Tony Ja (Ja Phanom) has announced the creation of a sacred object called “Phon Phra Phrom 168”. This incredible initiative aims to utilize a portion of the income generated to improve the neglected hometown of Ban Khok Sung, Bak Dai Subdistrict in the Surin Province. Moreover, funds will also be contributed towards the development of Wat Niwet Watthanaram, a temple-less area. This endeavor is set to bolster Thailand’s cultural “Soft power” and promises to be truly remarkable.

Addressing the importance of environmental issues, TIKTOK and partner agencies have come together to launch the campaign “React For Changes, try to change the world”. The eco-conscious couple, Top-Pipat and Noon-Siraphan, will lead this initiative that harnesses the power of good ideas. Join them on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, at 12:30 pm at the Irwat Pattana Building in Bangkok City Hall 2 (Din Daeng) for an event that is not to be missed. Wicha Poolworalak, Pretam Daniel, Surachet Asawaruangnan, and Surin Kritayapongphan will also be present to further endorse this noteworthy campaign.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that the Thai horror film “Tee Yod” will be showcased in all 8 IMAX theaters on October 26. This highly anticipated screening will feature notable talents such as Junior Kajbundit Jaidee, Peerakrit Phacharabu, Nayakiat, and Rattanawadee Wongthong. The event, held at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin, garnered attention as Father Beam – Kawee Tanjararak along with the popular twin duo, Pee Tee – Pee Pee, attended to lend their support.

For those who crave adventure and a rendezvous with wildlife, we invite you to join us at “THE MALL LIFESTORE JUNGLE WALK”. This captivating event will grant you access to a marvelous world inhabited by rare and exotic animals. Mark your calendars for Friday, October 6th, at 4:30 pm, as this unique experience awaits you at MCC HALL, located on the 4th floor of The Mall Life Store in Ngamwongwan.

In another noteworthy story, Aiad demonstrates true bravery and humility by admitting his mistake. Tong 2P has opened up about his relationship with Mam Ploy-Chermarn, who was upset due to some miscommunication. However, he has taken the initiative to reconcile and mend their love, bringing it back to its previously blissful state. What a relief indeed!

There you have it—the latest update on “Mae Cho Mafai”, serving you top-notch entertainment news. Stay tuned for more exciting stories and exclusive reports!

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3 October 2023 05:18 am

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“Mae Cho Mafai” has arrived… “Mae Cho Mafai” is ready to serve “entertainment news” right now.

The action genre is good. The merit line is second to none. Tony Ja or Ja Phanom announced the creation of a sacred object “Phon Phra Phrom 168”, using part of the income to develop their hometown and contribute money for development. Wat Niwet Watthanaram, Ban Khok Sung, Bak Dai Subdistrict, Surin Province, which lacks development. There is no temple used for religious activities… ready to push that “Soft power” of Thai culture…so cool. Environmental problems are no small matter. TIKTOK together with partner agencies Launch the campaign “React For Changes, try to change the world” with the eco-heart couple Top-Pipat and Noon-Siraphan. Come join and share good ideas on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 12:30 pm at the Irwat Pattana Building. Bangkok City Hall 2 (Din Daeng) worth watching – Wicha Poolworalak, Pretam Daniel, Surachet Asawaruangnan and Surin Kritayapongphan Announcement of readiness to bring the Thai horror film “Tee Yod” to be screened in all 8 IMAX theater on October 26, with Junior Kajbundit Jaidee, Peerakrit Phacharabu. Nayakiat and Rattanawadee Wongthong were present at the event at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin the other day Father Beam – Kawee Tanjararak led the group, Pee Tee – Pee Pee . The public’s favorite twins come to the event “THE MALL LIFESTORE JUNGLE WALK” to explore the wonderful world. Wonderland of wild animals Ready to invite you to experience for the first time with special, rare animals, this Friday, October 6th at 4:30 pm at MCC HALL, 4th floor, The Mall Life Store. Ngamwongwan. Aiad Aiad… bows his chest like a man, admits that he is “wrong” Tong 2P reveals the reason why his “girlfriend” as Mam Ploy-Chermarn is angry! Because the party itself was a bit too windy. Until I had to move on to “reconcile” and make my current love status return to being as sweet as before… What a relief.

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