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Magellanic Stream created by Magellanic Cloud Will it join the Milky Way 50 million years later? | sorae Portal site to space

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[▲ Magellanic Stream that emerges in the night sky. This image was taken directly from a numerical simulation and has been modified for aesthetic purposes (Credit: COLIN LEGG / SCOTT LUCCHINI)].

ourMilky Way (Milky Way Galaxy)Does not exist alone. Around itA small satellite galaxy called a dwarf galaxySurrounds.The biggest one shines in the night sky of the Southern HemisphereLarge and small magellanic cloudsis.

Gravitational interactions from each cloud, large and small Magellanic clouds, orbiting the galaxy for billions of yearsHuge arc-shaped neutral hydrogen gasWas pulled out.This is“Magellanic Stream”Magellanic Stream)is.

Magellanic Stream tells us how the Milky Way galaxy and its surrounding galaxies were born and what the future holds.

Magellanic Stream has been considered, according to a new simulation model developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Space Telescope Science Institute.About 1/5 of the distanceI discovered the possibility that it is closer to the earth.

This discovery makes this stream much more than expectedCollision with the galaxy earlydeath,Promotes the formation of new stars in the galaxySuggests the possibility of doing.

“The origin of Magellanic Stream is the past50It was a big mystery for years.We used a model to propose a new solution, “says a graduate student majoring in physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the lead author of the dissertation.Scott LucchiniMr. “What surprised me was this model.The stream has come very close to the Milky WayThat is. “

In this reproduction, it was found that the Small Magellanic Cloud orbited the Large Magellanic Cloud in the opposite direction when the dwarf galaxy was incorporated into the galaxy.A dwarf galaxy in orbitMagellanic Stream was created by competing for gas with each otherIt is.

This reverse orbit draws an arc toward the Earth, rather than pushing and pulling the stream into the intergalactic space. The closest distance the stream is to the earth isJust from the earth20Kiloparsec, or about 65,000 light-yearsIs believed to be.The Magellanic Clouds themselves5560It is located far from Kiloparsec.

The proximity of the Magellanic Stream means that this gasmake an appointment5000Join the Milky Way ten thousand years laterMeans to start, and will trigger the birth of new stars in the galaxy.Providing fresh substancesIt will be.

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Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison / paper
Sentence / Tetsuro Yoshida

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