Maggie Lindemann releases a new song “you’re not special” with SUCKERPUNCH’s first album

Maggie Lindemann Release a new video/single. “You’re not special” Having previously released a single, is it “She knows it,” “how could you do this to me?” (feat. Kellin Quinn) a “cut me!” (feat. siiickbrain)

Maggie Lindemann talk about singles “You’re not special” say It’s a song about dealing with people who don’t really care about you. He is always criticizing you or hoping to see you fail. But instead of letting those people play a role in you. You do it and keep chasing your dreams. “

After passing the success of EP PARANOIA In 2021 (over 169 million streams), this year music fans will find a 15-track compilation with the album. SUCKERPUNCH It chronicles the journey and self-discovery that has led to a movement for the next generation of youth to break the boundaries and social expectations of women.

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