Magic reveals that DSI is investigating the Forex-3D case

Arkhom Termpittayapaisith Mr The Minister of Finance says that defrauding people in the case of Forex-3D is a matter of defrauding people. which is in the Criminal Code In the matter of borrowing money which is fraudulent for the people. The DSI is investigating the matter.

He said that such cases need to be coordinated with the relevant authorities. The DSI has been examining this for many years. But it is red in this period because it is shocking, as in the case of Digital Assets that lack liquidity.

In this regard, today (September 20) the DE Ministry has organized a meeting on the issue of Forex 3 D cases by coordinating with various relevant agencies.

in that case The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned that transactions that could break SEC rules could already by making a list in Investor Alert, but when there is no problem nobody knows But when there is a problem We get see if there are any agencies involved. and uses legal power

Regarding currency exchange, it is a matter of the Bank of Thailand (BOT) which requires the permission of the Minister of Finance with the approval of the Bank of Thailand.

Proofread…Sure Silawong

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