Maha Sarakham found 21 cases of “Omicron” infected with a history of traveling to party.

Maha Sarakham has found 21 people infected with “Omicron”, most of them in 6 new clusters or clusters, aged between 16 and 82 years old. Most of them have a history of traveling to socialize.

On December 28, 64 reporters reported that Mr. Kiattisak Trongsiri, Governor of Maha Sarakham Province Chaired the meeting of the Maha Sarakham Provincial Communicable Disease Committee Meeting No. 42 / 2021, where the meeting reported the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 infected in the area on December 27, 2021, found a new case of Covid-19. 42 cases were divided into cases from contact with confirmed patients. and other surveillance of 41 cases and 1 patient from the risk area under quarantine. Of these, the confirmation results from the 7th Khon Kaen Center for Medical Sciences reported that 21 “Omicron” strains were found. The disease investigation team came to investigate. and classify the infected Found in 6 new clusters or clusters, aged between 16 – 82 years.

Most of them have a history of having traveled to socialize in Khon Kaen Province. Roi Et and some people have socialized in service places in the area of ​​Mueang District and Kantharawichai District, where Maha Sarakham Province has ordered services that found infected people. Closed for cleaning and controlling infectious diseases for 7 days. Asking people who are in close contact with patients infected with COVID-19 Get tested at a hospital near your home. or those who use the services of various establishments according to the timeline stated on the Facebook page Maha Sarakham Provincial Public Health Office Please observe yourself at home for 14 days. Take care of yourself strictly according to public health measures. If you have symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, bad smelling nose, red eyes, runny nose, and rash, see a public health official for an assessment of your risk of contracting COVID-19. and detect infection Ready to charge communicable disease control officers medical personnel and relevant officials in every district Enforce the utmost and strict supervision measures.

According to data from the Maha Sarakham Provincial Public Health Office, as of December 27, 64, there were 42 new cases, including one from high-risk areas, 41 cases of contact with other confirmed cases, 134 are currently being treated. Accumulated April ripple, 11,403 deaths, accumulated April ripple, a total of 45 deaths



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