Maha Sarakham State’s New Viral Landmark ‘Naga Spraying Water’ Sparks Criticism and Demand for Construction Budget

Maha Sarakham State Unveils New Landmark: ‘Naga Spraying Water’

A picture of Maha Sarakham State’s latest attraction, the ‘Naga spraying water,’ has gone viral on social media, generating mixed reactions from netizens. Critics have not only teased its resemblance to asparagus but also questioned the allocation of the construction budget.


The image, shared on a Facebook group called ‘Maha Sarakham,’ showcases the eye-catching ‘Water Spouting Naga Statue’ in all its glory. Its bright golden yellow color and intricate patterns make it a popular spot for tourists and avid photographers.

Since its publication, the post has created quite a buzz online, amassing over 1.1 thousand likes and 685 shares. Netizens have flooded the comment section with their thoughts and opinions.



Many commenters playfully remarked on the statue’s elongated appearance and the water spout on the Naga’s head, dubbing it ‘Naga sprays water.’ However, some expressed their confusion, asking, “What exactly is this? I can’t see it clearly.” Others went as far as comparing the statue to “burnt guava shoots.”


Questions also arose regarding the reported budget of 100 million baht and an eight-year construction period. Netizens demanded proof from the post’s owner or called for an immediate explanation from relevant authorities.

Additionally, criticisms were levied concerning the statue’s suitability and quality, considering the taxes paid by the public.

At this point, it is essential to wait for official clarification from the relevant agencies regarding the sculpture and its budget. Only then can we ascertain the accuracy of the initial reports.

Netizens Share Their Opinions:

  • “Are you sure it’s a Naga?”
  • “Ten thousand each is still expensive.”
  • “Real asparagus.”
  • “Seriously, it’s like a bamboo shoot spraying water.”
  • “Tonight I’m going to ask for lottery numbers.”

Source: Phongsakorn Phoprom

Maha Sarakham State’s new viral landmark ‘Naga spraying water’ netizens are teasing ‘Like asparagus’ along with criticizing and demanding the construction budget.

Today (September 14, 2023) it has become a famous viral picture in the social media world, with many shares. When a Facebook account user posts a photo in the group ‘Maha Sarakham’ New landmark unveiled from Maha Sarakham State ‘Naga spraying water’ teased by netizens

The owner of the post wrote in the caption: “100 million, 8 years of waiting. Until it is finished, Maha Sarakham already has a Naga that sprays water.” Ready to add the hashtag # new landmark and added a laugh until tears flow emoji.


The image reveals ‘Water Spouting Naga Statue’ Bright golden yellow It has a beautiful pattern. It has become a place for people to travel and take pictures.

When the post was published it became instantly viral and famous in the social media world. It got over 1.1 thousand likes and over 685 shares, and many netizens also came to comment.



Most of the comments came in and teased that the statue was fine. ‘Naga sprays water’Because the overall appearance of the statue looks thin and long, and the head part of the Naga has a water spraying part. It’s still not very clear, if you look at it, it could cause confusion.

Some comments ask ‘No matter how I look at it, I can’t see it. What exactly is this?’ At the same time, there were also many comments teasing that such a Statue ‘Like burnt guava shoots’ at all


There are still comments coming in asking: This sculpture is ‘worth 100 million baht and took 8 years to make’ Is that what the owner of the post actually wrote in the headline? along with calling on the owner of the post to attach evidence or ask relevant agencies to provide an explanation immediately

There are also comments Criticize the suitability and quality compared to the taxes people have to pay.

However, what is this statue? And is there really a budget as the post reveals? For this work, it would be better to wait for the relevant agencies to come out and explain.

Some comments from netizens:

“Are you sure it’s a Naga?” “Ten thousand each is still expensive.” “Real asparagus.” “Seriously, it’s like a bamboo shoot spraying water.” “Tonight I’m going to ask for lottery numbers.”


Source: Phongsakorn Phoprom

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