“Maha Sompong-Mahapraiwan” won the vote for the best, most influential celebrity of the year 2021.

It’s over for the campaign. “The most fun, organized … the best of the year 2021” at, open to the public of Sanook people to vote to pour votes for every story, everyone who is the best of the year 2021 without any cost is considered a score. pure popularity

One of the topics that many people voted on was “The most influential celebrity of the year” There are people who have been selected by the team to be the people’s choice to participate in the voting as follows:

  • Phra Maha Sompong and Phra Maha Praiwan

Even though the two monks are now retired, they are already secular. But I have to admit that the former 2 Sor. Create a phenomenon with more than 200,000 viewers of Dharma preaching in modern style, followed by various dramas. because there are people who like them and those who see that the two monks behave inappropriately escalating to the stage of the Religious Committee, had to invite the two monks to clarify

  • Pimry Pie

The seller of the online era is probably none other than Pimree Pie-Pimradaporn Benjawattanapat 2021 is really her year. Because picking up, moving, doing anything, are all news and trending.

  • Amanda Chalisa

Even Miss Universe Thailand will get Ann-Anchile Scott-Kemis is the latest representative to compete for both beauty and attitude in Israel but the previous owner Amanda-Chalisa Abdam It is also always spoken of as a representative of the country that unites the hearts of beauty queens to win the country’s 3rd crown.

  • Nong Tennis Panipak

Tennis – Panipak Wongpattanakit is another hero in the world-class sports circles in Thailand From winning the gold medal in the national team Taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics. Which is like water dripping in the heart of Thai people who are drying up due to the Covid-19 situation. and a sluggish economy

  • Jackie Shakeline and Nong Bong

Having been in the entertainment industry for many years is not very successful, but the life of Jackie-Shachelen Munch turned around like a firework when he came with Nong Bong It also creates laughter for viewers on YouTube to forget about stress. Until becoming one of the most talked about internet celebrities of 2021 for giving happiness without worrying about being beautiful. and individuality that is the main concept of the modern world It can be said that it has gained the hearts of netizens completely.

Really wow! Interracial rappers SPRITE (Sprite) and GUYGEEGEE (GuyGEGEE) come together for the track “Ton” that tops Billboard Global’s hit chart, excluding US music. making the general public realize that Thai artists can go far in the world market.

and finally The results of the votes of the people who participated in the fun campaign “The most fun…the best of the year 2021” on the topic “The most influential celebrity of the year” The person who received the most votes was Phra Maha Sompong and Phra Maha Praiwan there

After creating a trend in the monks circle like no one has ever been able to do. A friendly live chat with thousands of viewers watching live. The fun that brings smiles to the Thai people from PEA throughout the year 2021 has made it possible to win this title. The team congratulates you. On this occasion too



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