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Mahidol Blood Research “The Conservative” Cures COVID-19

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Mahidol University Research on the medicinal properties of blood “Bringer” hopes to conquer cancer, COVID-19 and the world’s first emerging disease.

Associate Professor Dr. Vet Chit Kamolthanasak, Lecturer, Department of Clinical Medicine and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Science. Mahidol University Revealed that there has been an effort to research the physical properties ofMedicines from the SelectedYesBringer(Varanus salvator) to look at inhibition of cancer cells, bacteria and emerging pathogenic viruses. Including COVID-19 Which, if achieved as the goal, will become the first in the world

From the hypothesis as to why “Bringer“(Varanus salvator) to survive eating the remains. And even in polluted waters, the idea was to initiate a study of the reptilian immune system, which is in the protected species. Therefore asked for permission Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Go to the area to collect blood samples from “Money maker ” That have complete characteristics to study protein (Proteomics) in the laboratory By using a small sample of blood before it is released back to nature Which was initially found to inhibit the growth of cancer cells As well as some bacteria Including the potential to study virus inhibition, including COVID-19 That is spreading at this time, too.

“As the world has invented a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 Widely But treatment is still symptomatic. There is no drug that can be used to treat it directly. In some cases, anti-HIV drugs may be ineffective in some patients. If a new drug can be developed It will be another treatment option that will increase the hope of mankind, ”Associate Professor Dr. Mr. Chit Kamonthanasak’s veterinarian said.

However, even “Bringer(Varanus salvator) is endangered by hunting. Until being protected as a protected wildlife And most recently, there is a push for the Act (Act) that will make “Bringer“Become a protected wildlife that allows economic breeding

Associate Professor Dr. Jitkamonthanasak’s veterinarian commented that If applicable, it will benefit research forDeveloping drugs from the bloodBringer“Next

This is because there is a clear distinction between the natural “money” and “the money”.Bringer“That is in the farm system Which will have different care for different purposes To be able to do serious research on such matters up to the downstream If the future has to take advantage of “Bringer“Breeding in the farm system is much more targeted and appropriate.

The next step is to prove that In addition to being able to inhibit certain types of cancer cells and bacteria It will not affect the normal cells in the human body. Before the initial patent filing will be completed by the end of 2021, before continuing research on the antiretroviral activity covering three strains, which areEmerging disease Starting from influenza, bird flu and COVID-19 Next


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