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Mahina Maeda Photo: THE SURF NEWS

Mahina Maeda of Japan national team who played against CT surfer Caroline Marks.

Both will be a confrontation between Goofy footers, and it will be a backside game that Caroline, who ranked second in CT rank in 2019, is good at.

Caroline attracted good waves by aiming at peaks that were far from each other, while the regular break on the right side of the venue was the center.

After marking 7.33pt on the third wave, he continued to hit an excellent range score of 8.00pt with three maneuvers.

Maeda, who had a total of 7.74pt, unfortunately lost here against Caroline, who marked the total highest of today with a total of 15.33pt, and finished the tournament in 9th place in Thailand.

Mahina Maeda who fought well Photo: THE SURF NEWS
Mahina Maeda Photo: THE SURF NEWS
Caroline Marks Photo: THE SURF NEWS

■ Interview with Mahina Maeda

After the heat, Mahina responded to an interview with the press, but when asked about her feelings for the Olympics, she cried with tears, saying, “I’ve come this far …”.

“Before the heat started, I wasn’t nervous but private and negative, and I tried to change my mind by listening to music, but I couldn’t change it after all. That kind of loss is the most disappointing. Good surfing and rhythm. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t show it. “

“It’s a 30-minute heat at the beach break, so I thought there was definitely a chance that I could get on a good wave in 2 minutes, but in the end I couldn’t get on the good wave because I waited too long. The next wave after the last wave is the best. I was disappointed because it was good. “

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