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“Mai-Davika” Go Inter on the cover of the Italian magazine “Inner Zabb” – INN News

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November 23, 2021 – 16:09

Press like hard to make the popularity of young Thai stars. “Mai-Davika” recently announced the prominence of international popularity. Appeared to work with a team of professionals in the global fashion industry. Was chosen as the first Thai star to be featured on the cover of the famous book L’Officiel (Lofficial) of Italy, considered one of the top 5 magazines in the world that every superstar girl wants. cover the most

Going Inter this time is called a golden opportunity in the life of a “new girl” who, in addition to being successful in the Asian fashion industry, It also expands its popularity base to hit the European fashion market as well. By this fashion set, I saw the style of posting and the inner of the “new girl” who pecked the camera beautifully and couldn’t sleep. Presenting as “Davika”, a Thai actress, wears a sash of Make-In Thailand. along with bringing the Thai perfume brand “Madame Fin” to reinforce its popularity Guarantee that Thai products are perfect, not allergic to any nation in the world.

Which each fashion image that came out to be seen in this set of Italian media I even have to exclaim that “new girl” is very good, mom! Posting style, see Inter It came out perfectly beautiful, ten out of ten, not broken at all. until the fashion team that has worked with her Still have to give a thumbs up that “new girl” is really cool, professional in photography. This work must be followed. Follow to encourage the “new girl” after creating a sensation that she has been featured on the cover of a famous magazine with famous Thai products, Madame Fin. This time, there will be a great event in the European fashion industry that will be exciting. Any more!!!

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