Mai Sukonthawa update the symptoms of son Have jaundice Asked for the visitor to refrain from carrying during this period first

New Sukhonthawa

It is delightful to the girl New Sukhonthawa Red label mom Who gave birth to her first son, Cheena, on May 19, the past is completed So lovely that I had to smile and give hearts to each other in a row.

So cute! Mai Sukonthawa gave birth to her first son, named “Nong Cheena,” reporting to herself.

In the midst of posting pictures of relatives who visited the new little girl, it was explained to the fans on Instagram personally that ‘Update son please. Now I have a jaundice. But… don’t worry. Because it is in the incubator, it is safe, caused by the blood of the child and the mother of different types and breast milk has not yet come. Child is malnourished It is normal for this to happen. Don’t panic. Don’t worry Wait at least 24 hours in the cabinet. And will come out to greet each other again Thank you for your concern #Wearing glasses #Little Ultraman Come out to suck breast milk quickly. Mother’s heart is broken. I miss you Hadn’t seen each other for 1 day, Mother almost died, but had to keep the symptoms strong, strong, mother-style 😘 #Last time, whoever comes to visit, do not hold, do not touch the younger first 🙏 ‘

The new girl has confirmed once again that It is normal for this type of symptom to occur. Don’t panic Anyway, please be healthy quickly. It is an encouragement to the new strongest girl too.

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Thank you pictures from maisukhon.


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