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Mai Warit opens her heart after becoming an independent actor I used to withdraw from the industry!

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Turned into another independent actor for the young hero, Mai Warit, who today will open his mind for the first time, revealing the reason for waving goodbye from the original channel. Ready to clear the issue of drama in the industry for 10 years. How can you be a hero? play hard Plus, found a heavy tour, banning rape scenes, trending on Twitter. I don’t know if it makes him feel discouraged until he wants to leave the industry or not, by the young man coming to open his mind through the hot talk show SHOW.

This is the first media release after the contract with the same channel expires?
Wood: Actually, it’s been sold out since around the beginning of the year. But there is no press release or anything like this.

Had we thought before that we wanted to have a free plan like this?
Wood: Actually, just came to think of it earlier this year. It is caused by me wanting to change the new working atmosphere. I want to give myself a chance

Saw a comment saying that the contract was torn up?
Mai : Confirmed that he didn’t break the contract. In fact, the contract was already expired. We had to talk and ask for mercy from the adults that we would like to challenge ourselves. Go out and find new experiences, new places to see, which adults are kind to give us a chance.


But there are many trends that we do not renew the contract because we are hurt?
Wood: Not at all. because adults always give jobs Before leaving, there was still a pending drama. and also willing to work with the channel

There was one comment he used the word ungrateful?
Wood: As I said, it wasn’t intentional. is always willing to go back to work Just that we have talked to adults and asked for this opportunity that we would like to go out and open our eyes. and develop yourself I look more in this light.

A lot of work comes in contact?
Mai : I have contact. It belongs to P’ Chod. Currently filming I’m currently accepting 2 plays.


Late last year, there was a heavy drama about the rape scene?
Mai: We also make mistakes when we go to Twitter. This is an issue that I consider society to be very interested and sensitive to rape. Having said that, it’s a scene where sometimes we think too little about whether it really hurts the hearts of people who have an impact on this aspect or not, and then tweeted that we knew from reading the script that we would have to be scolded. But when the time comes we try to make it softer. Invitation form to open space for cursing which I made a mistake I should have said that I’m sorry for taking the role.

Our feeling is to curse the character. But not insulting us?
Wood: Well, it’s a perspective that we might actually look at one side. I apologize for that too.

How much is that hour?
Mai : We are worried that our work affects people. We never thought about how he would feel if he saw any of these things. We didn’t really think of that. And I look at the team The director didn’t mean to make it that way.

What was the most insulting?
Wood: I told you how to be a hero. You can play like this. I must say that these comments are true that we are not doing well enough. We have to develop ourselves further. We have to differentiate the comments he cursed at and the comments he made in order to see more. or that he may be insulting because he really felt that way It shows that we are not doing well enough. We have to develop ourselves more than that.


Are you angry?
Mai : I’m not angry for those who comment without arguing. For the viewers who see this as dissatisfied with him. It is our duty as an actor, we have to develop ourselves more. So that one day we can delete these words.

Does this mean that I accept everything with comments?
Mai : Yes and ready to change. Actually, the actors we already know that we are doing well enough or not. And then sometimes we go back and look at our old work, what have we done?

when you come across heavy comments Makes us pressure that day to shoot almost a hundred take scenes, right?
Wood: Not a hundred, but that day took a very long time to film. Calling that scene, I couldn’t really understand the performance better. I must say that at that time there was really little experience.

So what lessons did we learn that time?
Wood: I know that what we did is not. I remember that after filming that scene, I went to further acting lessons. Find out more The next scene was even better.

When you see a lot of comments I used to think that I didn’t take it anymore in the entertainment industry It’s better to go back to work as we have studied. Have you ever thought about it?
Mai : Yes. There was a time when we felt that we had tried. Developing the show, however. We feel that we are not doing well. 1. We ourselves know that it is not. and comments from the director From the audience, we feel that we haven’t done enough yet. Or it’s not the way we’re good at. Will we go back to another career or find another way to make life look good?


Before entering the industry, we graduated from engineering and had the opportunity to work with a big company?
Mai : Going to do an internship. I haven’t worked yet, but actually before that, since my school days, I’ve always had a scout. Which I’m really a shy person. I don’t like a lot of people. So I always refused. Just then, when I went to do an internship and I studied engineering, communication, electricity, communication, it would be with computers. and have to sit at the table all day

which I feel that this is not our life We cannot sit at a table like this, we have to move, we have to walk back and forth, so we feel that if there is any opportunity in life, try it. Then, by chance, it was an internship at that company, and when his elder brother saw him, he took it to the young Clio contest, but we didn’t get the 1st place, but after that, someone contacted me to go to the contest again, and the M THAILAND contest won. Come to be a hero

I saw that my father didn’t support me. You don’t want us to be busy in the entertainment industry?
Mai : Well, his father worked in the government. He felt that a career with a stable salary. Then we graduated with a pretty good grade. I thought it would be good to do this way. Father felt that he regretted the knowledge that he had studied. Why not extend it

And how is your father today?
Mai : Your father is just gone. I’m used to the fact that my son enters the industry. And sometimes I’m happy Ask how the job is But he wouldn’t come in too much trouble. because my father didn’t care about this

Fans also want the wood to be loud?
Mai : I think that famous stories are a matter of luck and luck as well, not that anyone can be famous, chance, time, but to be honest, I’m not a person who believes in luck that much. But I believe that my luck, the opportunity to come in is not that I have to make merit that much.


But the younger has changed the subject of the name?
Mai : The media might be confused because I used another name before. And this is the first place to say that the name has changed. but pronounced the same, but changed to make it easier to spell Because the original name is misspelled a lot.

The teacher is one: The teacher said that there should be some people saying hello. But I will say that she was very lucky that she decided to change. that she cut out some letters Just as I cut off the Galgini. cut off the burden cut things off new beginning in life

Changing the name in this manner, ending with the bank is a popular bank, changing the name at a good time But this name change in addition to changing the workplace. There will be a change of residence It’s a good start.


Is wood affected by COVID?
Wood: Yes, it’s about work. Everyone is the same stop filming When it’s gone, it’s income. and other activities That we could have done, we didn’t. Its income is gone We are already affected. just that I have encountered this kind of event before.

since the first round of covid We know how to deal with it. Because at a certain point in my life in the entertainment industry, I lost my income. because the work was interrupted See the money in the account all the time. We know that if we come across a situation like this, we will deal with it.

How much is the lost income?
Wood: It’s many millions. Income that should come in. I mean, there’s no money coming in. The money went out into the millions. So we feel that this is what my mother always taught me. that don’t spend money on luxury After that, I knew that I would not be careless. because anything can happen and be prepared that if something like this happens again Do we have enough savings? Is the reserve enough to survive?


Did you see that your mother had been ordained for the rest of her life?
Wood: All my life if nothing changes. I must say that since I was a child So mom is interested in this way. And when my mother retired, she opened a restaurant for a while. you must feel tired Then would want to let go. I myself, whatever you do that makes me feel comfortable, I’m fine.

Go back to the wood saying that he wants to leave the industry. So why can we stand here?
Mai: Well, at that time, we felt that our performance was not really. So I’m going to do something else. But fortunately, the organizer called us back. and give us another chance And then we come back and review ourselves what we need to develop. How to improve the show

Single or not single?
Mai : Can I use the word single and not close? There are people talking I can’t say with my mouth that we’re single or not single. I used the word close friend a lot.

Why not use the word girlfriend?
Wood : What are many things? I am very selective. because we feel that if we love someone then we really love And then we have to be sure that this person really is. I’m sure I’m not a flirty man.

What’s the spec like?
Wood : Now after a lot of things I have to say that asking someone I’m with and I’m comfortable with is enough.


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