Mail delivery trucks ready for Detroit, China service


Mike Wang, CEO Quadrobot, introduces their e-mail delivery truck in an industrial park in Madison Heights, Mich.
Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press

Looking for delegation from space disasters, generating auto-driving self-driving trucks under the Detroit suburbs industry park will be generated later this year. His mission: job re-delivery and package delivery.

Approximately 2,000 of the Quadrobot U1 shiny four-wheel delivery vans, a Chinese mail service will drive late this year, providing packages in cities across the South Coast.

The start-up company aims to provide 30 other trial services in downtown Detroit and suburban centers including Birmingham and Royal Oak. The Chief Executive Officer and chairman Quadrobot, Mike Wang, reported the plans during an interview in the Madison Heights moderate building when the company that started up starts with the US service. later this year.

From Hangzhou, China, Wang came to Detroit to study the design of automobiles at the Creative Studies College, one of the best in the world for automotive and industrial design.

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Brand value & # 39; Detroit

"I was initially skeptical, but I am all," said John Manoogian, currently acting as an automated design professor at CCS. Manoogian met Wang as a CCS student. He is now a Quadrobot investor and a board member. Quadrobot is located in the Detroit area and is funded by investors in the United States and China.

"Mike showed me a prototype and realized that it was a unique vision," said Manoogian. "The business of the car has changed dramatically. This opportunity is a big difference."

The majority of U1 engineering and design were in the south of southern Iran. The U1 has 35 kilowatt power, approximately 47 horsepower. This is a lot for a neighborhood delivery vehicle, but 350-kw power is being developed for more vehicles that may go faster and faster. Wang worked with local engineers to develop the vehicles.

"Fiat Chrysler has been the best in the world in the world for automotive engineering and design," said Fiat Chrysler's brand design and brand strategy after graduating from CCS.

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Mike Tianye Wang, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Quadrobot Board stand in a warehouse where an U1 package delivery truck is located in Madison Heights, Mich. Photo on Thursday, February 5, 2019. (Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press)

"We wanted the U1 to see the Detroit vehicle," Wang said. "There is a lot of brand value in the city of Detroit."

Last & Last Delivery & # 39;

The U1 is called a "final mile" vehicle, designed to deliver in neighborhoods and downtowns. The best comparison is the job truck used by your job carrier, but less, with electric power and different sizes of self-driving ability. Highway and media delivery vehicles are not replaced, but delivered by local businesses – and in China, the local post office.

"Military solutions are crucial to urban areas, where congestion of this type of service brings more time and intense work," said Bill Visnic, editorial director of the Automotive Engineer Automotive Engineer's magazine magazine.

The last service is expected to be an early viable laboratory for automated vehicles as these trips are often defined and easily defined. There is also a possibility for increased efficiency of autonomous delivery and riding, which could help reduce congestion.

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The U1 Quadrobot urban delivery vehicle is connected to the internet and stands in a warehouse in Madison Heights, Mich. Photography Thursday, February 5, 2019. (Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press)

There is a windshield, driver seat and controls at U1. A driver will have at least a few thousand times as Quadrobot collects details of how they are used. An independent system will oversee the driver, cost it if the U1 goes too fast and steering if the driver turns wrong.

& # 39; Like pets & # 39;

A human attendant will handle and pack delivery, but U1 will be able to track the operator down the street or around parking and deliver the multi-packed person.

"It's like a pet that follows you," Wang said.

Delivery will be easier to automate in China, where a single job box replaces a standardized explorer. Wang also plans to make use of the U1 as a mobile phone sticker so that people are getting things to pick up. It may also build vending machines, including fresh cooked food and located around the town or neighborhoods for easy meal facilitation at the end of the day.

Wang hopes that some of these stationary uses are underway and the U1 rents its lithium-ion batteries. Quadrobot is working with a fast-speed 300-volt system supplier who can deliver a full fee in a 12-hour delivery way in 40 minutes.

Wang worked on the design and brand Viper SRT brand at FCA after graduating from CCS in 2012. Conner Avenue assembly plant spent a lot of time in FCA's low number in Detroit. This work had an impact on the development of U1, as FCA relies on suppliers to combine many of the car's modules, the same system used by Quadrobot.

Employing starts in the second quarter

The modular U1 is. The appliance is operated, the batteries, the electric motors, the steering, etc. Packaging in a lower part similar to wheel tuck. Providers will provide these modules with Quadrobot facilities for assembly and engage with companies for freight, vending machines, etc. The modules and body are combined with bolts and glue, including free assembly and low cost.

Three coach facilities in China will employ about 200 people, Wang said. The intended one for Madison Heights should be about 50 by the end of the year. He is expected to start employing late in the second quarter. The company will have a fair work. You can get information at and

The platform makes itself easy for other electric vehicles, including a potential SUV, said Wang. He is working with the Michigan Economic Development Corp and the Detroit Economic Union on local development and employment.

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