Main board table set for game gear arrives, delivery difficulty is high AKIBA PC Helpline!

SYF GG main board + Power board + Sound board

Home appliances Ken-chan has received a set of game gear replacement boards “SYF GG Mainboard + Powerboard + Sound Board (for 1ASIC)”.

There are four types of board colors: black, green, yellow and purple. The shop price is 15,500 yen.

Game gear replacement board that requires a certain level of soldering technology

This is a set of compatible main board, power board, and sound board for Sega’s “Game Gear” retro portable game machine.

Remove the custom chip (1ASIC), cartridge connector, and communication connector from the game gear body and transfer it to the board of this set. The job requires a “certain level of soldering technology” and equipment.

Main board surface (button installation side)

4 colors

By replacing the board, the power supply is changed from a dry battery type to a rechargeable type using a lithium ion battery. The shape of the charging terminal is USB Type-C. Batteries are sold separately.

Power board

sound board

In addition, the liquid crystal panel from the main body of the game gear can no longer be used, and another liquid crystal panel such as “GGLCD rev3” is required.

In addition, only the black model has a monolithic speaker on the sound board (stereo for green, yellow and purple).


IS BennVenn FFC adapter kit

In addition, Ken-chan of home appliances sells an adapter that makes it easier to attach another liquid crystal panel such as GGLCD to this product.

There are two types of “SYF GGLCD Adapter” and “SYF BennVenn FFC adapter kit” for each compatible LCD panel, and the price is 1,680 yen each.



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