Maison Berger Paris allows you to create a happy atmosphere to welcome the new year.

Maison Berger Paris allows you to create a happy atmosphere to welcome the new year. with a collection of scented candles, a unique set of Holiday Candles

Maison Berger Paris, French premium home fragrance leader Create fresh air for every corner of the house Let you create a festive atmosphere for this New Year with scented candles, Holiday Candle set, special promotions starting from 16 November 2022.

Scented candles Holiday Candle Set that Maison Berger Paris has chosen for New Year’s Eve There are 3 scents for only 2,490 baht, which include:

  • Chateau de Versailles candles (Chateau de Versailles), a collection of historical candles. Reign of Louis XIV of France, limited edition and sold in Versailles, France and Maison Berger, Paris, in selected countries only. reflecting the beauty of different Important places in the Palace of Versailles
  • The Olympe Rose candle is inspired by the legendary Mount Olympus. It is a contemporary classic of Greek mythology and civilization in the real world. Designed by Sylvie de France and
  • The Tir Sienna candle reflects nature. fine craftsmanship It is a long historical heritage designed by Anthony Gambus.

As well as the design for home decoration that shows the artistic taste of the home owner. It also creates a relaxing fragrance. benefits of aromatherapy or aromatherapy (Aromatherapy) ready to provide health benefits. creating an atmosphere for the house to be filled with happiness It’s like traveling to a dreamland following the carefully chosen scent.

Find more Holiday 2022 collections in all online sales channels, including Facebook: MaisonBergerThailand LINE: @maisonbergerthai IG: maisonbergerthailand and in all branches of Maison Berger Paris (except Central Chidlom and Chic Republic ).

Ask for promotional details. and consult scent experts ready to serve up to 10 lines, call 02-672-2088

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