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Maiyarap’s comeback demands mass release “Stop Talking” to grab people’s hearts.

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After a long hiatus The latest number-top rapper, an easy-to-remember name from YUPP! Like MAIYARAP (Maiyarap) or Champ – Nakarin Jaroonwittaya, it’s time to come back and reclaim the mass. For the heartbroken in the latest song “Stop Talking”, a song that talks about the story of an ex-girlfriend who broke up. for that reason If it is, we will come back to meet again. Which is a breakup sentence that makes you feel more painful. Because if they still really love each other, they must not do this.

Maiyarap revealed, “It’s been about 7 months since the release of the song. The idea for this song came from what I heard from somewhere. Then I wrote down the concept. until I had the right opportunity to continue this concept In a homely way, Phil will write a song (laughs), so I picked up this concept to expand on it. In fact, the sentence that says ‘Stop saying it if it is. We’ll meet again.’ For me, it really is. That’s goodbye until I got the hook of this song from when I was unloading my stuff from the car. When I just came back from shopping In terms of music, SPATCHIES took care of them, plus piano and guitar players, Pong Bong and Pee Nueng. This music is still easy to understand and easy to listen to. in Maiyarap style rap ideas born out of me feeling Saying that if it’s right, we’ll come back to meet again It’s like telling us to take a break to watch commercials. then come back to meet Wait a minute, what’s this? It was a very funny moment. I intend to give the listeners who are expecting the words to wait. Give up hope and be able to move on with your own life. Let it be a matter of the future that we have no way of knowing. I want everyone to follow and listen to this song too. The song stops talking from me, Champ Maiyarap. You can listen to it on YUPP’s channel! Please”https://youtu.be/KZtc8SWFz4I

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