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“Major-Pepsi-Pizza Hut” serves fun for “Fast & Furious 9”

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Major Cineplex Group joins with Pepsi and Pizza Hut to serve “Fast & Furious 9” fun
Buy a great set!! “Hut Speed ​​Combo” get free…1 movie ticket and 100 baht movie set discount

Major Cineplex Group together with Pepsi and Pizza Hut join forces to serve the most exciting Pepsi Movie Mania campaign to welcome the hottest opening movie in America that you and your family have to wait to see in Cinema only “Fast & Furious 9 Fast…Fast through Hell 9” with special privileges for customers who buy Hut Speed ​​Combo from Pizza Hut (order at the shop or delivery) at Comes with a Big Slice menu And full of deliciousness with 1.49 liters of Pepsi for only 319 baht from October 1, 2021 – November 30, 2021, get free!! Great value movie ticket package code Movie ticket “Fast & Furious 9 Fast…Fast through Hell 9” 1 seat valued 250 baht and discount code Fast & Furious 9 Movie Set valued 100 baht by using SMS, movie ticket code and such discount code received from Pizza. Hut can be used from October 21, 2021 at E-Ticket ticket vending machines, cinemas under Major Cineplex Group participating in the program. Don’t be late!! Hurry up because the rights are limited… see you in cinemas on October 21

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