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No phone (1)
  • Nothing CEO Carl Pei posts ‘Phone (1)’ device information screenshot on Twitter
  • Has the official undistributed software version “Nothing OS v1.5.0”
  • Moreover, the Android version is “Android 13”

On November 23, 2022 (Wednesday), Carl Pei, the CEO of the British venture company “Nothing Technologies Limited”, copied the device information of the first Android smartphone “Phone (1)” with the custom OS “Nothing OS” in based on Android. “. I posted a screenshot on Twitter.

In the device information “Phone (1)” posted by Carl Pei this time, we can see that it is equipped with the official undistributed software version “Nothing OS v1.5.0”. Furthermore, the new Android version announced in early 2023 will include “Android 13”.

At the end of November 2022, “Nothing OS v1.5.0 (Android 13)” and “Phone (1)” have received the fifth software update since their global release, and the official software version is “Nothing OS v1. 1.6”. the latest. In other words, this Twitter post by Mr. Carl Pei is expected to be the CEO’s official sign that the beta version of the OS is being tested in a closed mode. At the same time, it was also found that at least “Nothing OS v1.5.0” will receive a major update to “Android 13”.

The major Android 13 update to the Phone (1) is expected to be released in early 2023, as previously announced. However, it is only a plan, and the detailed release date has not been revealed. With the OS beta being tested later this year, let’s hope for a smooth release.


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