Make every effort to harvest wheat, dry it, buy it, and fight hard to win the summer harvest battle- Xinhuanet Henan Channel

</p> <p>Make every effort to harvest wheat, dry it, buy it, and fight hard to win the summer harvest battle- Xinhuanet Henan Channel

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On June 3, Zhou Ji, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, went to Xinxiang City to promote the rush to harvest wheat Consolidate the responsibility, rush scientifically to harvest quickly, and fight the battle is solid. from the summer harvest in northern Henan.

In several wheat fields and sun-drying fields in Sangle Village and Chengjiao Township in Weihui City, Zhou Ji had a detailed conversation with the grain growers to learn more about wheat production, grain sales channels, etc., and the responsible local people encouraged comrades to paying close attention to weather changes, Strengthening the precise scheduling of agricultural machinery, connecting services to homes and fields, taking advantage of favorable opportunities for quick grabbing and harvesting, and going all out to ensure a harvest and reduce losses. It is necessary to seize the favorable conditions of sufficient moisture content to accelerate the progress of autumn grain sowing so that one section can be harvested and one section can be planted. It is necessary to combine promoting post-disaster reconstruction, accelerating the construction of high-quality farmland, improving basic supporting facilities, and improving the resilience of rural areas to natural disasters.

According to the arrangement of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, Zhou Ji organized and held the “Three Summers” production promotion meeting in northern Henan, emphasizing the need to scientifically rush to harvest, reach the field correctly, real . -time forecast, rolling push weather information, and agricultural technology guidelines, agricultural machinery, etc. Scheduling, timely harvesting, procurement and warehousing and other tasks are clearly assigned to people and decomposed into fields. No effort needs to be made to protect the seeds, ensure quality and quantity, give priority to harvesting, drying and storing seed fields, and collecting, storing and specializing some good varieties in particular to prevent unqualified seeds from entering the seeds. market. Everything possible needs to be done to reduce losses and increase income, implement various policies for the benefit of farmers, guide different market entities to list, open, and buy door to door, speed up insurance claims, and protect farmers’ enthusiasm for growing effectively. grain. It is necessary to go all out to plant on time and quickly, so that the planting area can be as large as possible, and the sowing progress can be as fast as possible, and the management of the autumn grain field should be closely linked to get better the single crop and increase the total crop, in order to compensate for the summer with the autumn. We need to help with all sincerity and sincerity, give full play to the role of party organizations on the ground as a fortress of battle, make good use of the strength of the first secretary in the village and the work team, continue to do good work in solving the concerns of the people and help enterprises to save, and do good things for the hearts of the masses at superior critical times. It is necessary to vigorously publicize good experience and good practices, and gather strong positive energy to fight the “three summers” and help “three rural areas”.

Vice Governor Liu Shangjin attended the meeting and made work arrangements. (Reporter Liu Chan)



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