Makiyo Announces Unexpected Divorce: Personality Differences Lead to the End of Marriage

Actress Makiyo Announces Unexpected Divorce

In a surprising turn of events, actress Makiyo (Kawashima Mokiyo) revealed yesterday (15th) that she has finalized her divorce from her husband, Xiao Jin. The couple, who tied the knot last year, cited personality differences as the primary reason for their decision. Despite their short-lived union, Makiyo expressed gratitude towards her supporters and vowed to continue working hard.

Reasons Behind the Flash Marriage

Reflecting on their on-screen appearance together in “Queen of a Bag,” Makiyo candidly admitted that one of the compelling factors that led to their marriage was Xiao Jin’s offer to take care of all household chores. This promise, likened to having an AI robot, enticed Makiyo to say “yes.” However, after just over a year, the relationship has come to an end.

Divorce Proceedings and Future Arrangements

Makiyo’s official statement confirmed that divorce procedures were concluded on the 14th, with both parties agreeing to their respective responsibilities and obligations. While the exact details remain undisclosed, Makiyo emphasized that the decision was made amicably. She expressed her sincere well-wishes for Xiao Jin’s future and thanked her friends and supporters for their unwavering care.

It is worth noting that during her period of captivity, Makiyo had accused her husband of various offenses during a live broadcast. Among the allegations were acts such as forcing her to drink water, depriving her of sufficient meals, and even inconveniencing her by taking away her bags after disagreements. These incidents presumably added further strain to their relationship.

Makiyo announces divorce. (Photo/Photo by Zhao Wenbin)

Actress Makiyo (Kawashima Mokiyo) and her husband, Xiao Jin, who is 3 years younger, were first married and then married, and they only registered their marriage in May last year. Unexpectedly, Makiyo suddenly announced the divorce yesterday (15th), saying that the two parties have different personalities and that the divorce procedures have been completed. Makiyo has mentioned in the past that there is another reason for flash marriage besides having children.

Looking back at the scene where Makiyo and Xiao Jin appeared together in “Queen of a Bag”, Makiyo frankly admitted that she would marry Xiao Jin because Xiao Jin proposed “all the housework fully covered”, so she was tempted to marry him. Makiyo said with a smile that the heaviest thing to carry should be the chopsticks, and that everything else is “voice controlled” and handed over to her husband, like an AI robot.

However, after more than a year, the marriage of both parties ended. Makiyo’s statement stated that due to factors such as getting along with each other and personality differences, he decided to go through the divorce procedures on the 14th. The relevant responsibilities and obligations were also agreed upon. In the future, I will give you each other blessings I will continue to work hard Thank you all the friends and supporters who look after her, Thank you again everyone.

In fact, when Makiyo was in captivity, she made a live broadcast to accuse her husband of six major crimes, including forcing her to drink water, stealing captive meals, buying drinks with ice cubes, moving so slowly that she appeared to be acting, and making her newborn son She was quite unhappy with changing the diaper under the air conditioning vent and taking the bags away after a disagreement.

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