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Makoto Shinkai’s latest full-length animation work Suzume Journey, the story mainly describes the girl Iwato Suzume and the mysterious man Munakata Kusata met, for some reason Kusata turned into a child’s seat with only 3 legs, and the both want to close the door of disaster Across most of Japan, I visited Miyazaki County in Kyushu, Ehime County in Shikoku, Kobe in Hyogo County, Tokyo, Sendai in Miyagi County, etc., as well as many elementary schools and abandoned paradises, looking for every door that was accidentally opened.The following article will solve the 5 points that must be seen in the film The article will use the trailer as the category to avoid talking about the core plot of the film and simplify some details. If you cannot accept any content, read it carefully.

Must see 1: Makoto Shinkai’s 3 year novel

After 3 years, after the release of The Weather Child in 2019, Makoto Shinkai finally launched a new feature-length animated work Suzuya Journey. The new work continues Makoto Shinkai’s consistent style, unreal sky blue, and sparkling Y raindrops, the majestic prairie, a beautiful night view of the city and the ruins with a wide view. The story still uses a lively high school student as the heroine, and a simple male protagonist, with many supporting characters full of personality. The interaction of each character makes the plot of the whole animation more emotional.

▲Journey to Bell Bud is Makoto Shinkai’s new work for 3 years and the sky in the film is still incredibly blue.

Must see 2: The Continuity of Your Name, The Weatherchild Disaster Trilogy

The first two parts of Makoto Shinkai’s “Disaster Trilogy” are Your Name, Son of the Weather, and the last chapter is Suzuya’s journey. The 311 earthquake happened, and the door in the plot is closely related to the earthquake. Special attention can be paid to the earthquake alarm in the film, In order to avoid misunderstanding, a different alarm sound is used to the real one.

▲The Journey of Suzuya is the final chapter of Makoto Shinkai’s Disaster Trilogy, and the theme is inspired by the 311 Earthquake in Japan.

Must see 3: Classic soundtrack, voice actors

Following your name and Tian Zizhi, Suzuya Journey once again invited the Japanese band RADWIMPS and animation composer Kazuma Jinnai to make the soundtrack for the film, and the theme song Suzuka invited Shi Ming to sing. Another highlight is the nostalgic Showa hits that appeared in the film, including hits by Nakajima Miyuki, Arai Yumi, Matsuda Seiko, and Inoue Yosui.

In the dubbing part, Hara Nanaka acts as the voice of the heroine Iwato Suzume, Matsumura Hokuto acts as the voice of the actor Munakata Sota and the chair, other characters are voiced by Fukatsu Eri as Suzume’s aunt Iwato Tsunade, and Someya Shota like her colleague Okabe Minoru and Hanazawa Kanna is Suzume’s mother Tsubaki Iwato, and Kamiki Ryunosuke is Sota’s friend, Serizawa Tomoya and so on.

▲ The Suzume theme song is sung by singer Tomei, and the soundtrack is co-produced by RADWIMPS and anime composer Kazuma Jinnai.

Must see 4: Travel to Japan with Suzuya

The heroine, Suzume, and her aunt live in Miyazaki County, Kyushu. They met the Empress Dowager Munakasa in the town, and started a journey by accident. During the journey, they passed Ehime County, Kobe Hyogo Prefecture, Tokyo and Miyagi Prefecture in Shikoku. The audience could be seen following the girl. The main character also travels together by boat, hitchhiker, and Shinkansen. In addition to watching the plot , you can also see the Japanese landscape in the eyes of Makoto Shinkai. It can be expected that some scenes in the drama, such as the ferry terminal in Kyushu, the ruined Maya Hotel, and the underground tunnel of Ochanomizu Station in Tokyo, will all become well-known punch attractions like the stairs in front. Suga shrine in your name.

▲There are many real scenes in the movie, for example, the underground tunnel of Ochanomizu Station in Tokyo should be a new registration attraction.

Must see 5: Talking cat god minister Maopai must see

The important role in Lingya’s journey is the mysterious white cat, called minister, with white hair and big yellow eyes. He is characterized by talking and he likes Lingya very much. The white cat minister not only has many roles in the film, but is also very important. You can pay special attention to the voice of the white cat minister The childish dubbing is voiced by the 8-year-old child star, Yamane あん, who is very cute.

▲ The white cat minister can talk and is cute, and his childish voice is voiced by 8-year-old child star Anon Yamane.

It’s very satisfying to have cats and Makoto Shinkai style scenes with nostalgic Showa songs

You can see almost all the elements you want to see in a Suzuya’s Journey movie.. There are cats, beautiful blue skies, close-ups of different delicacies cooking, screen travel across Japan, and different types of ruins, as well with visually shocking 3D animations. Finally, some highlights are mixed with some golden nostalgic songs from the Showa era. Although the end of the plot is not too unexpected, it is still very satisfying after watching it. Finally, after the movie ends, you can wait to enjoy the final credits egg, which is Lingya and aunt’s journey home.

▲During the trip to Lingya, I was very satisfied to see all the elements I wanted to see.


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