MAKRO shares are hot. Investors are actively subscribed from the first day, open for sale until 9 Dec.

Stocks-shares of Siam Makro Public Company Limited or MAKRO are open to existing shareholders who have been granted rights. And retail investors subscribed from December 4-9, 2021 at a price of 43.50 baht per share, which yesterday (4 December) opened for subscription on the first day, investors responded very strongly.

Mrs. Suchada Itthicharukul, Chief Executive Officer Siam Makro Business Group Revealed that MAKRO shares began to open for existing shareholders who received rights and retail investors to subscribe for PO shares from December 4 – 9 at the offering price of 43.50 baht per share, just starting to subscribe for the first day. get active attention reflecting confidence in the company and strategic planning to integrate wholesale (B2B) and retail (B2C) businesses, including the development of an O2O platform for customers to access goods and services from a variety of channels. (Omni-channel)

By offering shares in this PO, the existing shareholders MAKRO CPALL and CPF who are entitled to Can subscribe with 2 subscription agents (1) via the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking application and (2) the SCB Easy App application or subscribe at branches nationwide of Bangkok Bank and Siam Commercial Bank. by subscribing for more than the right according to the right or less than the right that has been allocated which will allocate shares with SETTRADE’s computer system

As for retail subscribers, shares will be allocated using the Small lot First method with SETTRADE’s computer system. Subscriptions are available through 3 stock dealers (1) via the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking application (2) the application. SCB Easy App and (3) TrueMoney Wallet application by KTBST Securities Company, offering price is consistent with the fundamental and with a limited number of shares offered for sale It is therefore an opportunity to invest in B2B wholesale business and B2C retail business to grow together in the region. For more information, please call 02-090-9191 (daily time 09.00-18.00)


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