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Malayalam News – Euro Cup | Euro fight narrowed to last eight; Quarter lineup | News18 Kerala, Sports Latest Malayalam News

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The Euro Cup, which came to entertain football fans, did not break its routine. Fans have had many unforgettable moments in the tournament where the top teams in Europe are all set to win the title. Going through the group stage and pre-quarter, it is now reduced to the final eight teams battle. Although the number of teams has decreased, the level of excitement has not diminished. Fans are ten times more excited than they were at the start of the tournament.

Many of the teams that came in with the chance to win the title have already been eliminated. The list goes on and on in France, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands. The performance of some of the younger teams in the tournament where the giants fell was also notable. This will include the name of Finland, who made their debut and came close to qualifying for the quarterfinals. In addition to this, Hungary also belongs to the group that literally wrote the verdict that everyone has fallen into the death group. They belonged to a group consisting of world champions and Euro champions and surrendered after shaking them all. In addition, the Euro Group stage witnessed some memorable comebacks. Denmark entered the quarterfinals with a stunning performance from the brink of defeat in the first two games of Group B.

The excitement doubled when the group reached the quarterfinals and reached the quarterfinals. The pre-quarter stage, the scene of the Super Fights, also witnessed some exciting coups. France, the most likely team to win the World Cup, had to give in to Switzerland. The other was the Czech Republic’s check to the Netherlands, who had won all three matches in the group stage. Apart from them, the super teams Germany and Portugal could not overcome the challenges of England and Belgium and win the quarter berth. The overall picture of the quarterfinal fight became clear when Ukraine overtook Sweden in the final battle yesterday.

The two teams will meet to share their experience of winning the first quarter finals. Spain defeats Croatia and Switzerland defeats world champions France. If Spain stay in good form after scoring 10 goals in the last two games after the first two games without conceding a goal, the Swiss team will be confident of beating France.

The next match can be described as the super fight of the quarter. It is impossible to predict who will take the lead in the clash between Belgium and Italy, who have shown authentic performance to reach the quarterfinals. The goal is for the team consisting of players from Belgium’s golden generation to win the title. Italy, on the other hand, is on a dream journey under Roberto Mancini. A fierce battle will ensue as the two clash. The injuries of Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne, two of Belgium’s super-talents, are a crisis for Belgium as they prepare to face Italy.

The next match is between two teams that can be called the black horses of the tournament. Denmark, who initially went backwards in the fall of their superstar Eriksen but then fought hard, and the Czech Republic, who came with coup power, are on the horn. Fighting to the quarterfinals, Denmark are looking to make their dream of winning the title again in 1992 a reality.

England and Ukraine face off in the final quarterfinals. Ukraine will be competing until the end, when England are determined to make up for the loss of no title since 1966. Since they were able to shake the Dutch column in the group stage, England will have to think of something against them.

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Quarterfinal lineup and time

Switzerland vs Spain – Friday, July 2, 9.30pm

Belgium vs Italy – Saturday, July 2, 12.30 p.m.

Czech Republic vs Denmark – July 3, Saturday, 9.30pm

Ukraine vs England – Sunday, July 3, 12.30pm


Euro Cup quarter lineup complete; Italy vs Belgium clash to be the heavy weight challenge of the Round of eight stage

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