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Malayalam News – Fake lawyer case: Alappuzha court set for dramatic scenes | News18 Kerala, Crime Latest Malayalam News

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Police say Sessie Varghese drowned within hours of surrendering

The Alappuzha court was the scene of a dramatic scene in the incident where the police took a case against a young woman who practiced in court without adequate qualifications. The Alappuzha North police had filed a case against the accused Sessie Xavier in the Alappuzha Judicial First Class Magistrate’s Court this morning. But the case was shifted to the CGM court as more provisions were imposed. According to police, the accused went into hiding again after receiving indications that the CGM court would delay considering Sessie’s bail and that he would not be granted bail.

According to the police, Sessie Xavier, a native of Kuttanad Ramangari, has been absconding till now. Sessie surrendered in her own court days after the case was filed. They had practiced in court for two and a half years without adequate qualifications and had competed and won in the bar association. The secretary of the association had lodged a complaint with the Alappuzha North police, demanding that a case be registered against him on charges of impersonation and fraud.

Bar Association secretary Abhilash Soman had lodged a complaint with the Alappuzha North police alleging that Sessie was practicing without qualifications and had obtained membership by giving a fake enrollment number. Following the investigation, the police filed a case against Sessie. They were expelled by the association’s executive committee meeting last day.
According to the complaint, he has been involved in court proceedings, including in the district court, for two and a half years and has gone on to become an advocacy commissioner in a number of cases. The association brought the matter to the attention of the court. Sessie Xavier went into hiding after the incident.

She won a majority in the association and was elected librarian. In 2018, Cessie came to Alappuzha as a final year law graduate under B Sivadas, a senior lawyer in the Alappuzha court. It was part of an internship. They then went to court as part of the study. After a period of tenure, he became a member of the Bar Association as a lawyer.

Over the years, she has convinced colleagues, the court and others that she has a law degree. The Bar Association informed that the Bar Council was enrolled under Kerala and approached for membership and became a member on 30th March 2019. The fraud came to light after the association failed to find the key documents of its enrollment as a lawyer. At that time he had completed his internship under a prominent lawyer and started practicing as a Junior Advocate. He ran and was elected to the Association’s Executive Committee last April.

On July 5, the association received an anonymous letter stating that Cessie was continuing to be a lawyer. The letter stated that the roll number used by Sessie was a forgery.

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